Updated: November 06, 2018
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Cheap Eats Tokyo: Beef Bowl Restaurant Matsuya

Eating in Tokyo on a budget is easy when you know where to go. Introducing Matsuya, a fast food chain restaurant that offers tasty beef, chicken, and pork bowls, along with other dishes like Japanese curry, for a very reasonable fare! Located all throughout Japan, you'll be able to find one in nearly every town or city in Japan!

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Matsuya - Quick, Convenient, and Cheap!

For those not in the know, Matsuya is a popular Japanese major fast-food restaurant chain serving gyudon (beef on rice), curry, and other dishes with grilled meat on rice. They opened up in 1966 in Japan and quickly became a staple of the Japanese diet - super popular with blue and white collar workers that are time-pressed to prepare food at home.

Ordering is Easy!

Ordering is super easy these days, with touch screen vending machines at most locations. They even have several languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean. This is what most foreigners living or traveling in Japan like about Matsuya - you can order with ease even if you don't speak Japanese.
Simply choose the food you want, put your money in the machine, and you'll receive some vouchers. To get your food, just take a seat in an empty spot and hand over your voucher to one of the staff. Easy right!

Choose your favourite Beef Bowl

There's plenty to order off the menu like this Premium Beef Bowl that comes with a free miso soup! Extremely thinly-cut juicy beef and onions on rice is a staple here. That little wooden box contains black spicy pepper if you want to spice up your beef too. And it's only 380 yen for regular size!
Another great thing to order is the Grilled Pork Set Meal (Yaki-buta Teishoku) that comes with grilled pork, rice, salad, soup, and pickles - all for just 550 yen! And if you want to up the size of your meal you can pay a little extra!
One of the great things about Matsuya is that you can add your own sauce to the grilled meat and choose your own salad dressing. Try the BBQ sauce, or for a more traditional Japanese flavour try the Ponzu sauce (Citrus Vinegar Soy Sauce).

Toppings galore!

But let's say you want to take your meal to the next level. You can even add green onions and a soft boiled egg to add to the mix!
When you sit at the counter you'll also have access to tea/water, other spices, and pickled ginger - chuck a load of this on top of you bowl and eat it with your meat! It's delicious!
Another favourite of mine is the BBQ Beef and Kimchi Bowl - only 490 yen! Combined with the free miso soup its perfect for lunch or dinner!

Wash it down with an ice-cold beer!

Did I forget to mention you can also order a beer here?! Prices are cheap too starting from around 200 yen for a small glass!

Eat in or take away!

But if you're in a rush or want to get takeout and eat at home, you've come to the right place! Basically everything on the menu you can get as takeout!

They're open 24 Hours!

One more thing to mention is that they also have a breakfast menu - perfect for those early morning sightseeing days!
I've been traveling and eating my way around the world! Now I'm in Tokyo to share all my favourite spots! I spend my time traveling, surfing, hiking, camping and eating amazing food! My favourite Japanese food...Agedashi Tofu!

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