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Best Places To Try The Famous Japanese Fluffy Pancakes In Tokyo!


Have you tried the world famous super fluffy Japanese pancakes? They're so fluffy that they jiggle, and they're so delicious! These Instaworthy pancakes are a must-try in Tokyo. Here are the best places to have them!

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Shiawase no Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ)

Shiawase no Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ) means happy pancakes and is bound to make you happy, indeed! They have a menu item called "Shiawase no pancake" (¥1100), which is the specialty here and the most popular dish. It's served with rich honey and butter. You'll surely enjoy these extra fluffy pancakes.
The dish pictured above is consists of the strawberry cheese pancakes (1480 yen), which is a great choice if you want some extra toppings.
There are usually around ten different pancakes on the menu.
There are three branches in Tokyo and all of them are close to stations.

1. Omotesando location - 3 mins walk from Omotesando station
2. Shibuya location - 8 mins from Shibuya station
3. Kichijoji location - 2 mins from Kichijoji station

Cafe & Pancake Gram

Gram only offers these "premium pancake" (950yen) three times a day, and only 20 dishes during those periods. The serving times are at 11 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm, so it is recommended to get the restaurant 30 minutes to one hour earlier so you can put your name on the list. (Yep, they're that popular!)

This pancake tower comes topped with butter and powdered sugar, whipped cream and maple syrup on the side. The texture is very light and creamy.
They also offer some pancakes with savoury ingredients like salmon & avocado (1050 yen), and eggs & bacon (950 yen).
Grams can be found at these 5 places in Tokyo: Harajuku, Shibuya, Kichijoji, Jiyugaoka, and Machida.

Here is the information for the popular Harajuku location.

Banks cafe & dining

Their pancakes are so fluffy that you actually have to use a spoon to eat these bad boys. The "Tiramisu pancake" (1300 yen) is a must-try dish. The creamy cheese and bitter espresso blend so perfectly!
"Mix berry pancakes" (1200 yen) is also another option if you like berries.
This small and chic restaurant is only a 7-minute walk from Shibuya station.

Burn Side St Cafe

This giganormous pancake tower is both satisfying and delicious! It comes with three thick and fluffy pancakes.
The "Tiramisu pancakes" (1380 yen) come with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream.
For an extra 250 yen, you can get a tasty coffee with your pancakes.
Terrace seats are also available!

Good weather + good food = perfect!
This cozy and cute cafe is just 5 mins walk away from the busy shopping street of Harajuku (also from Harajuku station).

Cafe Asan

This café is located near Suehirocho Station. It is a restaurant where you can relax on a hammock and eat pancakes that are a little different from the rest.

You may be surprised by how they look. Their pancakes look like a Danish pastry on the outside but they are fluffy soufflé pancakes on the inside!
Since they are the soufflé type, the pancakes are very delicate and start losing their shape as soon as they are baked.

However, the pancakes are very smooth and have a light texture, you'll feel like you're biting into a cloud.


Located near Oyama Station on the Tobu Tojo Line, this cafe has a classic feel and serves super thick pancakes.

Just look at them! Doesn’t this golden-brown colour make you want to bite into one? The pancakes are soaked in lots of maple syrup and melted butter... Yep, this is what dessert heaven is made of!
We also recommend the egg sandwiches, which are also fluffy!

Rainbow Pancake

When it comes to really fluffy pancakes, this is the restaurant to go to! At Harajuku’s popular Rainbow Pancake, you can enjoy pancakes that have a soufflé-like texture.
Even though it is very thick, they're surprisingly light! You can easily eat a full plate by yourself. The sweetness of the pancakes goes so well with the fresh whipped cream.

Pedra Branca

Located a 5-minute walk from Togoshi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, this cafe with a homey-atmosphere serves awesome super thick and delicious pancakes.
These pancakes are so simple, yet so delicious. They are served with a nice bit of butter on top, which melts fasts spreads lavishly all over the delicious pancakes.


About a 7-minute walk from Kita-Senju Station. The pancakes served at this very delicious coffee store are incredible!

These very fluffy pancakes also have a jiggly texture, you should try taking an Instagram video where you show how wiggly they are!
Meringue is used in the batter so it has a soufflé-like fluffy texture. The pancakes are cooked so it still remains the perfect texture that melts in your mouth.

With ice cream and rich whipped cream on top of the pancake, they are sinfully delicious!

Cafe Tokyo

Located near the Tokyo Skytree Station, these thick pancakes can be enjoyed while viewing the iconic Tokyo Sky Tree.

The pancakes, with a thickness of five centimetres, are cooked as soon as you place your order. The colour is also perfect!
The maple syrup drizzling beautifully on the pancakes make them shine. This restaurant offers many options such as whipped cream and raspberries that are topped on the pancakes.

Indulge! You only live once!


Be sure to try these thick, yet fluffy and delicious pancakes while in Tokyo! These pancakes are famous worldwide for a reason!

And if you have another kind of sugar craving and want to have some of the best ice cream in the city, make sure to check our selection below!

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