Updated: February 07, 2019
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5 Foods You Should Try In Akihabara!


Akihabara is not exactly a gourmet spot but the offbeat district does boast a few noteworthy restaurants and types of foods to discover. Here they are!

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Super Soft Omellette With Katsudon At Samata

You've got to try this lunch special if you are in Akihabara. This dish called Torotoro Tamago No Katsudon (¥700) combines two Japanese comfort foods: the tonkatsu which is deep-fried breaded pork, and the sweet and savoury Japanese omelette. The combination is unusual but it sure is not a bad idea!

The soft texture of the omelette goes wonderfully well with the tonkatsu and the pork is a very special one because it is made "kakuni" style, which means it was stewed a long time making it flavourful and tender. You can break it apart easily with your chopsticks.

Amazing Tonkatsu At Marugo

You won't go wrong with the standard tonkatsu of Marugo, which is so good that it has earned the bib gourmand mention of the Michelin guide. Don't be surprised if you see people waiting in line in front of this restaurant.

The meat is about 2-centimeter thick, and the outer coating is super crispy which contrasts perfectly with the juicy, tender meat inside. If you've ever had tonkatsu, you will know the difference in quality the moment you bite into it. It's a bit on the expensive side for tonkatsu at ¥1,850 and more, but it is worth every yen!

Authentic Handmade Soba Noodles At Kanda Matsuya

Kanda Matsuya is a 130-year-old restaurant that has the reputation of being one of the best in Tokyo for its soba. The buckwheat noodles are made in-house, the traditional way which means cut by hand.
You can actually see the chef cutting the noodles and the atmosphere of the restaurant is really quaint! Have a simple soba set for ¥1,000 or less, or have it topped with tempura for about ¥2,000.

Maid Cafe Cute Foods

Akihabara is pretty much synonymous with maid cafe. They are virtually everywhere and you won't have any trouble spotting the maids distributing flyers or inviting passersby in their shop. If you're into kawaii culture, you might find their menus quite interesting because they abound in colourful super cute creations.
They both have savoury and sweet foods and the maids will likely serve it to you by saying "oishiku nare" with a big smile which literally means "become good" and is the standard expression for maids serving patrons at their shop.

If you're interested in maid cafes, you might want to try Zettai Ryoiki.

Game-Themed Foods

Being the nerd Mecca that it is, Akihabara also boasts a good number of game or anime-themed cafes. Try Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe and you'll be able to enjoy some drinks and foods inspired by the game's universe.
The interior is also based on the popular game series!

One thing to note if you are planning to visit this particular cafe is that you need to reserve in advance through a special system. See the link below for more information.

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