Updated: February 08, 2019
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Ramen Honolulu For Halal Ramen in Osaka!

Osaka City

Ramen is a Japanese staple, but unfortunately, it is often made with pork broth making it is unsuitable for Muslim patrons. To counter that, Ramen Honolulu developed their own Halal ramen and now have many branches across Japan, including one in Osaka.

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Ramen Honolulu Osaka

After Osaka's Honolu Ramen's opening and reaching incredible popularity, they decided to open branches in Tokyo as well!
Since this restaurant is certified Halal, many Muslim patrons come to try their amazing chicken ramen, as well as their other staple dishes.

The ingredients used are Halal certified so you can go there without worrying about finding something safe for you to eat as they do not serve pork or alcohol and they meet Japan's Halal certification. Also, the tableware used has never been in contact with non-Halal food.


The special rich chicken ramen is, of course, a must-try! It goes without saying that it is Halal, but that being said, it's also delicious! It's rich and filling and best of all, it's not so much more expensive than any other ramen joint! You can get a piping hot bowl of ramen for less than ¥1,000! Yes, please.
Be sure to also try their spicy ramen! It has that extra bang that a lot of people adore. And of course, the perfect accompaniment to ramen is undeniably gyoza. They're perfectly crispy on the bottom, yet still soft and juicy.
This is the fried chicken ramen. Hiding those vegetables are huge pieces of deep fried golden chicken. The fried chicken has a nice flavouring to it on its own but mixed into the ramen, it gets just that much better!


When in Osaka, be sure to stop by Honolulu Ramen to have some awesome Halal certified ramen. You'll be back before you know it!
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