Updated: August 06, 2019
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5 Places to try Delicious Yakisoba in Tokyo


Yakisoba is one of the famous Japanese street food usually sold at summer festivals and night market. However, there are many restaurants that is specialized in serving Yakisoba. Followings are the recommended places to have yakisoba in Tokyo!

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Marusho near Hongyo Sanchome station is famous for its superb yakisoba that is made with springy homemade noodles. Their menu has an impressive 16 kinds of yakisoba dishes that you can try, from squid ink yakisoba to the delicious and satisfying standard made with their own special sauce. They even offer an all-you-can-eat plan for ¥3,780! If you want to try several kinds of scrumptious yakisoba, it's a good option.

Mikasa (みかさ)

If you are looking for an authentic Yakisoba experience - visit Mikasa! Around a 3 minute walk from Jinboucho station, this place only serves Yakisoba. Their thick noodles are chewy and their ingredients are very simple (cabbage, bean sprouts, pork and fried egg!) which you can enjoy the true yakisoba taste. Plus,they have sauce, mayo, and red ginger on each table, so you can customize the taste!

Warning: this place is super popular, and they close as they sell out 150 yakisoba, so be sure to be there early!

People generally spend less than ¥999.

Fukuchan (福ちゃん)

If you are in Asakusa, this is a perfect place to eat yakisoba! Located just a minute walk from the ticket gate of Asakusa station, if you walk toward No.6 exit, you will find a shopping street that is probably one of the oldest in Japan. Their curry sauce yakisoba and their retro atmosphere is very popular among Japanese men.
You can enjoy their teppan yaki (hot plate) yakisoba for only ¥350!

Tokyo Yakisoba (東京焼きそば)

Their yakisoba is slightly different from other yakisoba - it's a dipping noodles style yakisoba! Some of you might be wondering, what does that even mean? It's a new genre in yakisoba world, and you basically dip noodles into a sauce! Simple, right?
Location wise, it is located on the 4th floor of Soramachi at Tokyo Skytree, or around a minute walk from Oshiage station, so it is very accessible. Their price is very affordable too, you can have lunch from ~¥999 and dinner for ¥1,000~1,999.

Appetite (両面焼きそば あぺたいと)

Featured on Japanese media several times, this place is really famous for its two-sided fried yakisoba! Very crispy on the outside, their original home made sauce matches really well with the ingredients and raw or fried egg. Just a 2 minute walk from Shin-Takashimadaira station.
People generally spend ~¥999 for lunch, and ¥1,000~1,999 for dinner.

BAR Cherona (無添加焼きそば BARチェローナ)

This place offers additive free yakisoba, so it is very safe and healthy for your body. During lunch they are a specialized yakisoba restaurant, and it turns into a hot plate bar at night. This place has been featured several times on Japanese TV shows, and it is very popular not only because they are not using any additives but but also because of their satisfying taste.
Just a 3 minute walk from Shirokane Takanawa station. People generally spend ¥1,000~1,999 for lunch and ¥4,000~4,999 for dinner.


Yakisoba is a very popular dish in Japan, and there are a lot of restaurants that is specialized in yakisoba. Find your favorite yakisoba restaurant!

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