Updated: February 18, 2019
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Cheap Famous Restaurants In Tokyo (No Tourist Traps!)


Eating some outstanding food in Tokyo doesn't have to cost you more than ¥3,000. Here are some highly reputable restaurants where you enjoy incredible cuisine for cheap!

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High End Sushi For A Steal At Sushi Dai In Tsukiji

Sushi Dai is one of THE most popular sushi restaurants in Tokyo and is located inside the Tsukiji fish market. Judging from the store's facade, you might not think much of it, but once you try it for yourself, you'll understand why it has gained and maintained its popularity throughout the years. Because it is exceptionally delicious, yet very reasonably-priced, you should expect to wait 2-3 hours to get in (but it's worth it!)
So why do people wait for so long to eat here? It's because you can enjoy traditional, high-end Edomae sushi for only ¥3000. As it is located inside the fish market, the chef chooses the best fish in the morning to make his sushi. The store closes once the sushi runs out, so if you are an early bird, perhaps lining up from as early as 5:00 AM is best!

World's First Michelin Starred Ramen At Tsuta In Sugamo

Tsuta definitely would have to come close to being the most refined and modern bowl of ramen to date. The Master Chef Onishi Yuki opened Tsuta in Tokyo's district of Sugamo in January 2012. Since opening, Tsuta received various awards and was adored by famed food critics and writers, both far and wide. Then in 2015, the Japanese Soba Noodles restaurant was awarded one Michelin Star. This made Tsuta the world's first ramen restaurant to ever receive a Michelin Star.

There are three main flavour profiles of ramen at Tsuta. Shoyu (soy-based broth), Shio (salt-based broth), and miso. Each of the soups' base is composed of carefully selected ingredients like chicken, herbs, clams and more.
To eat there, you'll have to go through their ticket system. See the article below for more information on Tsuta and its ticket system.

Unbelievably Succulent Tonkatsu At Narikura In Takadanobaba

Tonkatsu, which is deep-fried pork cutlets, is one of the best Japanese soul foods there is. Because of Narikura's cooking technique and the good quality of its meat, their tonkatsu is exceptionally tender and juicy, and its packed with a natural sweetness and savory umami. The tonkatsu set is about ¥2,000, which is a bit more expensive than the average, but the quality is just in a league of its own! Don't be surprised if you see people queuing to get in this famous restaurant in Takadanobaba.

Experience The Art Of Tempura Cuisine At Tsunahachi In Shinjuku

When it comes to tempura, there is a wide range in quality and price. You can get it for cheap at a fast food restaurant or it can be extremely high-end as part of a kaiseki course.

For something good and authentic that won't break the bank, you should go to Tsunahachi, a restaurant of long standing in Shinjuku. They serve exquisite tempura there for lunch (around ¥2,000) and dinner (around ¥4,000) that is surprisingly affordable for the quality, which explains why this restaurant is extremely popular! It's not uncommon to see many people waiting in long lines to get in. It's well worth the wait!

The Best Yakiniku in the Low to Mid Price Range at Iburiya in Shinagawa

Shinagawa is known for its many excellent yakiniku restaurants, and among them, arguably one of the best and most famous is Iburiya. It is pretty casual with a Japanese old-school atmosphere, yet the quality is surprisingly good. You can have wagyu (Japanese cattle) sets here for cheap (1,600 yen or less) during lunch time and you also get a large size bowl of rice for free with set menu orders. For dinner, you can expect to pay around 5,000 yen if you order drinks too, which is still fairly reasonable. The meat is tender and full of umami!

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