Updated: March 05, 2019
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Cheap Halal Food In Tokyo: 5 Restaurants You Have To Try!


These restaurants serve some of the best halal foods in Tokyo. Best of all, they will cost you around ¥1,000 for lunch. The selection includes halal ramen and sushi!

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Ramen Ouka (Shinjuku)

This restaurant opened in 2016 with a concern for those who have dietary restrictions, but still want to enjoy delicious ramen. It is still rather rare to be able to enjoy Halal or vegan ramen in Japan.
Their ramen is made with sea bream, wagyu, and fresh vegetables. Everything they serve is Halal!
They also have vegan ramen for those who do not consume any animal products.

Asakusa Sushiken (Asakusa)

Asakusa Sushiken is the first certified halal sushi restaurant in Tokyo. It also has a prayer room in the restaurant. The fish is fresh, the location is great and the service is good. Lunch is from around ¥1,300, and dinner from ¥4,000. It's popular with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Naritaya Halal Ramen Shop (Asakusa)

This is another good restaurant situated in the heart of Asakusa, quite close to Senso-ji temple. As well as the halal ramen, you should also try the fried chicken and the gyoza. Please inform the staff if would like to use the prayer room first.

Malay Chan (Ikebukuro)

Located on the west side of the Ikebukuro Station (5-minute walk). Malay Chan is a Malaysian restaurant specializing in South East Asian cuisine and Curry! This place is really well-rated on many online sites. Their noodles and soups, which both include many fresh herbs and are made in an authentic style, are very popular. Curry is also a must-try! Expect to pay around 1,000 to 1,300 yen for your plate.

Kebab Cafe

Kebab Cafe serves some of the best affordable Turkish foods in Tokyo! Try their Kebabs with beef or lamb and you shouldn't be disappointed. All the food is Halal and there are also some vegetarian options.

You can get a lunch set for less than ¥1,000 at this small restaurant of 14 places. The staff speaks English and Japanese. This is definitely a good option for a cheap satisfying meal.

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