Updated: March 14, 2019
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Tableaux serves exquisite New American cuisine in Daikanyama, Tokyo


Tableaux, a popular restaurant in Daikanyama, is renewing its menu by introducing New American cuisine by talented young Chef Rachel Dow. Here is what the course looks like.

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Tableaux is a beautiful restaurant in fashionable Daikanyama that you should go to both for its sophisticated, relaxing atmosphere and the New American cuisine it now serves.
Although Tableaux is a restaurant of fairly long-standing, it has just renewed its menu under the direction of Chicago native Chef Rachel Dow. She's elaborated an authentic menu inspired by the rich food multiculturalism of America. The genre is called New American cuisine, and it will give you a whole new perspective on American cuisine!
Tableaux is a very comfortable place to walk into even if you don't speak Japanese because many of the staff members speak English, and the menu also has complete descriptions in English.

They even have an in-house English-speaking sommelier.

We went to try out the new menu and the service was as impeccable as the food was interesting and delicious. Here is what to expect when you go to Tableaux.

Dinner courses start at around ¥7,000.


The New American course that we were served consisted of several entrees.

It started with some tiny biscuits that came along with a chicken liver mousse brulée. This interesting little paté was exactly like a crème brulée dessert with a hard surface of caramelized sugar on the surface, but instead of having a rich custard base, it had a smooth chicken liver mousse. This is the kind of interesting creation you can discover in New American cuisine. It went extremely well with the biscuits too!

We also enjoyed some Oysters Rockefeller (pictured above). Covered with bread crumbs that brought a nice contrast in texture with the soft oysters. These delicacies were irresistibly seasoned with herbal butter and lemon.

Main Dishes

The entrées were exquisite and the large plates did not disappoint, to say the least!

The service of the large plates started with a hamburger that really restores the badge of honour to this American classic. Made of house-made rye bread, aged beef patty, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese, the balance of flavours was just spot on.

Pictured above was duck breast meat that came with a kind of Japanese sweet potato purée and some ume (Japanese plum) based sauce. It was nice to see the Chef incorporating some local ingredients to her tasty creations.
These are gnocchi and mint lamb loins. Everything was so well presented.
The smoked briskets gave us a taste of the American south. They came on a bed of apple and cabbage slaw and a dhal baked beans.

Next came the desserts!


To end the course, we were treated to a variety of bite-sized delicate desserts. Not too sweet and heavy, they were a perfect conclusion.


Overall, the course was amazing with so much variety.

We're all accustomed to a certain extent to American cuisine so most of the underlying flavours are recognizable, but everything seemed to have an unexpected little twist that made the experience novel and rewarding.

To all you foodies, this kind of cuisine is very rare in Japan, so you might want to give it a try next time you go to Daikanyama!
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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