Updated: March 15, 2019
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Halal Restaurant 'Matsuri' In Osaka: Enjoy Self-Made Takoyaki!

Osaka City

Matsuri is a restaurant in Osaka serving halal Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy takoyaki, kushi katsu, sushi and ramen just to name a few. They even have some halal souvenirs and a prayer room.

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Matsuri Osaka Serves All Kinds Of Halal Japanese Dishes

For Muslim travellers and residents of Japan, it can be hard to find restaurants that cater to their religious dietary needs. Although the number of Halal restaurants have been increasing in the past decade, they are still few of them, especially ones serving authentic Japanese foods.

Luckily for people in Osaka, there is Matsuri, a restaurant serving all the Japanese foods we love! That includes the local specialty of takoyaki and kushi katsu (deep-fried skewers) as well as nation-wide standards such as ramen and sushi. So here is the Japanese food that you can enjoy at Matsuri in Osaka!

Matsuri is located near Noda station.

Takoyaki that you make yourself!

Perhaps the most unique characteristic of this restaurant is that they serve takoyaki (octopus balls) that you can make yourself. This is a novelty because takoyaki is mostly thought of as a street food made by the skillful hands of cooks at stalls. It's a bit tricky to make by yourself but the experience is really fun!

You pour the batter into the special iron plate until the batter overflows, and once the batter has almost set, you form the balls by turning the batter over with a skewer.

This is a must try when you go to Matsuri!

All the ingredients are halal, of course.

Kushi katsu: another osakan classic

Are you familiar with kushi katsu? They are one of the most representative foods of Osaka. They consist of various vegetables, meats or even fish, that are coated in a batter then deep-fried. They come with there special dipping sauce. You can dip the entire skewer in it but just do it once because other customers will be using the same sauce after you.

The kushi katsu skewers here are particularly good because they are made with rice flour and vegetable oil. It makes them healthier too!

Halal sushi!

Halal sushi is so rare so if you're fortunate enough to drop by Matsuri, you might want to give these a try too. The shari (sushi rice) is made with a kind of alcohol-free mirin, and the soy sauce is also halal so you can enjoy these too to your heart's content!

Vegan ramen

It's hard not to be tempted by a bowl of ramen! Commonly made with a pork broth, it's difficult for people of the Muslim faith to find good ramen they can eat, but at Matsuri you can! They serve ramen that is made entirely without any animal products or alcohol. It tastes great because it has that deep savoury umami-packed taste we just can't get enough of!

Bonus info: prayer room and souvenirs

The owner was even kind enough to set up a small prayer room in the back of the restaurant as a courtesy for Muslim patrons.

Also, if you really liked that ramen that you had, you can actually buy it as a souvenir! There are other halal items too.

This place is really great so if you haven't visited Matsuri in Osaka yet, make sure to add it to your bucket list!
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