Updated: March 27, 2019
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Free Open-air Events At Hibiya Festival

The second edition of the festival will showcase theater performances, musicals, dances, and even opera! All for free!

Apr 26, 2019(Fri) - May 06, 2019(Mon)
Hibiya Step Square
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Hibiya Festival

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya will once more host this year's festival, showcasing theater plays, dance performances, musicals, opera presentations, and a stunning light installation.

Last year the festival gathered around 1,000,000 people over 10 days and organizers are hoping this year's edition will be even more successful.
The opening show, on April 26, is produced by Amon Miyamoto, one of Japan's most awarded director of musicals, operas, plays, and kabuki.

The 30-minute play will tell the story of Flora, a girl growing up in a modernized Japan, during the Rokumeikan era. The play is a stunning musical that leads to the "awakening" of the sculpture of Flora, created by the acclaimed contemporary artist Kenji Yanobe.
Flora's sculpture, boasting impressive 4 meters of height, is one of the highlights of the festival and has the signature design of Kenji Yanobe.

Among the many presentations, the public will be able to enjoy classics like "Hansel and Gretel" and "Les Miserables", making this a kid-friendly event, right in the middle of Golden Week.
Hibiya Festival is a unique opportunity to witness Japan's theater talents in action, in open-air, and all for free! What more could we ask for?
Dates: April 26 to May 6
Location: Hibiya Step Square

To know the full schedule, check out the official website:

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