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Roll Your Own Sushi At Nonono In Osaka! [PR]

Osaka City

How much do you know about hand-rolled sushi? At Nonono you'll learn everything about it! This new type of restaurant uses fresh ingredients to let guests experience the charm of hand-rolled sushi. You should try it!

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The Ingredients Are So Beautiful You'll Be Reluctant to Eat Them!

The newly opened "Nonono Hand-rolled Sushi" restaurant in the Osaka-Nihonbashi area is a one of a kind restaurant that lets patrons experience the charm of Japanese hand-rolled sushi!

It is only one minute from Osaka-Nihonbashi Station, and the surrounding attractions include "Kuromon Market" and "Nihonbashi Electric Street". Why not try this hand-rolled sushi experience after visiting these famous spots?

Japanese Oldschool Design

You can't really miss the place because of its quaint exterior appearance and "noren" (traditional Japanese curtains) at the entrance. Notice the cute illustration on the noren on the right. I had to snap of picture of that one!

Have an Unique Hand-rolled Sushi Experience!

After entering the store, I watched the Japanese chef's careful preparation of ingredients. The friendly sushi chef signalled that I could sit at the counter. The brightly coloured ingredients made me want to take out my mobile phone for more pictures! I was so excited to see the chef at work.
This was a very rare opportunity for me, so, of course, I just had to take a picture of that handsome Japanese sushi master making some incredibly beautiful assortments!

What Are The Fresh Ingredients?

The basic ingredients include a large number of fresh vegetables, fried vegetables, and Japanese tempura.

The high-quality white rice is produced in Nara Prefecture, and tastes perfect with the nori wrapped around it! The fresh fish is brought over from the traditional market of Mutsu.

The hand-rolled sushi set also comes with miso soup and seaweed slices, allowing guests to experience meals that are different from traditional sushi restaurants.

Get Ready To Enjoy Your Own Hand-rolled Sushi!

"This is simply art, I'm a bit reluctant to eat!"
That's what I thought when the chef presented me with all the ingredients beautifully arranged on the wooden platter.
Detail of the Hand-roll Sushi Set platter (fish-based). The set includes rice and miso soup for 2,700 yen.

The ingredients include sashimi, fresh seasonal fruits, and vegetables, Japanese-style tofu tempura, and Japanese pickles.
If you want to try something different from sashimi, the restaurant also offers a meat-based set with rice and miso soup for 3,300 yen.

For the meat set, ingredients include Awaodori chicken, horse meat, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, tofu tempura, and Japanese pickles.
There are several kinds of hand-made sushi rolls you can choose to make!

After asking the Japanese master how to prepare own style of hand-rolled sushi, I was told the best way is to take a piece of seaweed and place a small amount of white rice on it. Then top with the main ingredient of your choice (fish, meat, tempura, etc.). After that, you can add fresh fruits and vegetables, their original sauces and, voila! Time to eat!
Not only it's delicious, but you'll also have a great time hand-rolling your own sushi! Let your creative juices flow!

Drinks and Desserts Can’t Be Missed!

While tasting the hand-rolled sushi, you should also order a cup of Japanese sake or special fruit wine to drink.(520〜 yen a cup)

-Kuroryu 520 yen
-ShinseiNo.6 X-type 1080 yen
-Daisai 1600 yen
-Juyodai 1080 yen.

There are 30 kinds of Japanese sake and a variety of draft beer and fruit wine in the store, with prices from 520 yen a cup.
Among the beverages available, Juyodai is a special one. It's very rare and hard to find in Tokyo, so be sure to seize this opportunity and try it!
The fruit wines are particularly delicious! The chef said that these wines are made by traditional farmhouses, so they use the whole fruit to make them!
I tried the yuzu one for 520 yen. The wine is added with ice cubes, soda and a little water to dilute. So good!
To finish this amazing feast, Fruit Sesame Ice Cream (550 yen)!
The taste was not too sweet, and it was the perfect ending for this amazing and incredibly tasty experience!


If you want to get a good idea of what it's like to visit nonono, see the video above.
Hand-rolled sushi specialty shops are very rare. Sushi is a staple dish in any Japanese household, but not many foreigners get the chance to prepare them. I think visiting Nonono is a great experience. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who comes to Japan!
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