Updated: April 04, 2019
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Open Today: The Grandest Muji Store on the Planet


The biggest Muji store in the world + Muji hotel opened today in Ginza. We went to see what all the hubbub was about.

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Today was the grand opening of Muji's department store, hotel, and restaurant(s) in Tokyo's Ginza. It felt kind of like a Muji-only shopping mall... or like a Muji Disney Land (in a good way). Definitely worth visiting if you are a fan of the brand, or if you just like shopping in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Entrance and 1st Floor

The first floor of the building contains a small market, a juice bar, and a bakery. We could smell fresh baking bread as we walked in the entrance, which was just a tease for us today, because they had already sold out.
The extremely crowded juice and ice cream stand on the first floor
A small produce section

2nd Floor

The second floor is all clothing. One item that you can only get here is a beige colored sneaker shown below.
The second floor is devoted to men's and women's clothing.
Decorative touches such as these spools of thread can be found throughout the store.
I'm not going to lie, it's not my color.
decorative metal ceiling

3rd Floor

The third floor has health and beauty products, socks and underwear, travel supplies, and stationary. The slick suitcase shown below is another Ginza-only product.
This suitcase is definitely the coolest Ginza store-only product. The outer shell is transparent (although the contents are hidden by the inner lining)
Bottle after bottle. All the simple bath and beauty products you'd ever need.
Art on the wall in the stationary section. Check out the steampunk wall behind the cash registers on the 3rd floor!

4th Floor

The 4th floor has living room items, children's clothing, kitchen and tableware, and a bookstore. The very cool customization service is also here, so you can add custom designs to your products.
Custom embroidery; a super cool service offered at this location.
There is a very small book section, but it is filled with high-quality books that look worth reading

5th Floor

The 5th floor has bedroom supplies, storage items, housekeeping and laundry supplies, and more living and dinning room stuff.

6th Floor - Gallery and Hotel

The 6th is home to Atelier Muji, a gallery space. There is also a design library (free to use), and a "Salon" where you can order coffee and tea drinks.
Also on the 6th floor is the Muji Hotel and Wa restaurant. Judging from the lobby, it seems pretty swanky. The interiors are completely Muji, which sounds very cool (but also kind of like sleeping inside a giant advertisement).
One of the galleries, currently featuring old Muji designs
This looks like it will be a great place to chill out (once the throngs of people checking out the brand new Muji die down). There are books about design that are available to read at your leisure.
There's an extremely classy feel to this hotel lobby.
A slightly fancier restaurant next to the hotel lobby
This is what the rooms supposedly look like.

Basement - Muji Diner

The basement is home to the Muji Diner, purportedly serving food that emphasizes the simplicity and natural flavors of the high quality food products they use. Unfortunately we couldn't sample the food, but it sounds promising.

In Closing

Visiting the Muji Ginza store was ]kind of like visiting a fancier, more stylish Ikea. We loved it. Even if you don't buy anything, it is enjoyable just walk through and check everything out.
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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