Updated: April 11, 2019
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Harajuku Area Halal Food Guide


Having trouble finding Muslim-friendly restaurants in the Harajuku area? Refer to this guide for some very tasty options!

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Kebab Box J

For a very meaty chicken or beef doner kebab that is just as good as what you'd get in Turkey, head to Kebab Box J located right on the iconic Takeshita Street. They also have the super long fries that are all the rage in Japan right now. Those fries are served a variety of different seasonings and sauces, including a chocolate one!

Most people have their order to go but you can eat in too, as there are six standing seats in the joint.

The meat is halal, no pork or alcohol is used, and the owner and cooks are Muslim.

Antep Kebab

This is another good spot for Turkish cuisine. They have some kebab, of course, but even more popular than that is their "kebab don", which is a mountain of kebab toppings on a bed of rice. You can choose the degree of spiciness and the veggies and cheese you'll have as toppings. They have some vegetarian options too.

This place is not halal certified (they serve alcohol) but the meat is halal.

Mario Crepes

Arguably the longest running creperie in Harajuku, Marion Crepes has been serving up delicious crepes since 1976! Starting from just a street-cart style shop it's grown so popular it has shops all throughout Japan, and even in China and US.

They've geniusly combined an original crepe mix with a wide selection of fillings and toppings to keep customers coming back for more.

Just a few minutes walk from Harajuku station and about half-way down Takeshita Street, this is definitely a spot not to miss!

Crepes are between ¥200 and ¥520. The blueberry cheese one is our recommendation, and for the summer, why not try the seasonal choco-mint. They've recently started selling some bubble tea as well.

Beware that not every item here is halal. Some crepes have gelatine and some of the savoury ones have pork. The Japanese word for gelatine is "pronounced zerachin" and pork is pronounced "buta". If you can't talk Japanese, ask for a crepe with "no zerachin" or "no buta" and you should get yourself understood.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

This has got to be one of the most peaceful cafes in Tokyo as it literally doubles as a flower shop. Located in Aoyama, as short walking distance from Harajuku, the cafe displays a number of flowers and plants, which makes the atmosphere very refreshing and relaxing.

You can enjoy fresh herbal tea, coffee, sweets, and light meals. The place is not halal per-se but there are numerous Muslim-friendly options.

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