Updated: April 16, 2019
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Grab a Tissue; This Tempura Just Might Bring You to Tears


Located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Tempura Araki (天ぷら あら木)is one of the top tempura restaurants in Japan. Only 18 guests per day can enjoy the magical, scrumptious tempura served here by master chef Yoshiyuki Araki. Make a trip to Japan's northern island and try it out for yourself!

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What Makes Araki Special?

Similar to eating at a top-class sushi restaurant, eating at Araki is more of an interactive experience than just a fancy meal. Diners sit at the counter and watch as the chef prepares each bite of food in front of them before placing it onto their plates.

The ingredients used are local, seasonal, and exceptionally fresh, which means they are constantly changing. Chef Yoshiyuki Araki prepares the various pieces of tempura using a light and delicious batter that he varies based on his intuition and the cooking conditions. He then fries the tempura in a custom mixture of oils, and masterfully changes the temperature based on the ingredient he is cooking. The result: some of the most delicious tempura you will ever taste.

The Space

Araki only serves 2 groups of reserved customers per night; one at 18:00, and one at 20:15. The small and cozy space has only 9 seats, ensuring a personalized dining experience for each customer. You will feel both at home, and like the special guest of a master chef -- a rare experience indeed.

The Food

Araki is only open for dinner, and there is only one option: the omakase course (decided by the chef). This will include about 12 pieces of tempura and 7 or 8 other dishes (tsumami). This means that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and eat whatever is put in front of you!

Araki utilizes the best of local, seasonal ingredients. Hokkaido is known throughout Japan for the outstanding quality of its food products, including seafood and vegetables. At Araki, every ingredient has been carefully chosen, and is guaranteed to be excellent.

Juicy, local matsutake mushroom

Ayu (a sweet fish), served whole

Fresh squid

Local tiger prawn

Lotus root

Visiting Araki

Araki is known as one of the top tempura restaurants in Japan. As such, a reservation is necessary and should be made one to two months in advance.

The restaurant is located in an unassuming building, 5 minutes away from Susukino Station. Enter through the sliding wooden door under the white curtain shown below.
I live in west Tokyo and spend my time thinking about food and going bouldering.

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