Updated: April 24, 2019
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【Ebisu】All-You-Can-Drink Sake For Only ¥1,000!! (40 Varieties!)


Tachinomi Gentaro Shoten is just a 3 minute walk from Ebisu Station. The incredibly reasonable ¥1,000 all-you-can-drink option is great whether getting together with friends, or just stopping in for "a" drink after work.

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40 varieties of sake are all-you-can-drink for just ¥1,000! 'Tachinomi Gentaro Shoten'

Tahinomi Gentaro Shoten is a standing izakaya (tachinomi) that offers a 60 minute, all-you-can-drink course.
The sake line-up includes 40 different quality sakes from well-known makers. The izakaya is directly operated by a sake store, so the deliciousness of the sake is guaranteed. Being self-serve, you are free to try just a little bit of as many sakes as you want.
This place is amazing whether you are a sake connoisseur, or just a sake beginner!

<<All-You-Can-Drink Details>>
¥1,000(incl. tax)
■Time limit
・60 minutes(last order 5 minutes before time-up)
・40 varieties
・Be advised that reservations are not taken

¥100 per piece! Gentaro Shoten's famous 'doteni'!

Doteni (egg, beef tendon, daikon) (¥100/piece)
Gentaro Shoten's specialty is 'doteni' a stew of various ingredients that has been braised until turning a black color. This doteni combines the salty flavor of miso with the mellow, sweet flavor of sake lees (leftovers from sake production) to create a delicious, balanced flavor. The rich, umami flavor that results is a wonderful complement to a cup of sake.

One bite will keep the sake flowing like a river! Excellent 'otsumami'

'pickled firefly squid'(left) and 'crystalized plums'(right) (¥300 each)
Indispensible when drinking sake, Gentaro Shoten has some great 'otsumami' in its lineup. The The richness and umami of the 'firefly squid' spreads throughout your mouth as you chew, and the enjoyably crunchy texture of the crystallized plums is outstanding. These make for fantastic accompaniments to the sake.
The sourness and umami of these dishes goes wonderfully with the slight sweetness of sakes such as the 'kawatsuru (川鶴).'

Cream cheese × tamari soy sauce also make for fantastic Japanese-flavored otsumami

'Cream cheese pickled in tamari soy sauce' (¥300)
This dish combines mild-tasting cream cheese with a delicious soy sauce.
Cheese and soy sauce both being fermented, this is unsurprisingly a great combo!
The fragrant scent, smooth texture, and perfect amount of saltiness make this another solid otsumami option to go with your sake.

The 'Octopus Wieners' are reminiscent of a bento box

'Octopus Wieners' (¥300)
The 'Octopus Wieners' served here are reminiscent of the bento boxes that most Japanese people grew up taking to school. The saltiness of these 'otsumami' is a great complement to the rice flavors found in sake, and are a cute little snack that could even turn into a conversation-starter!

Sake isn't the only kind of drink you can enjoy at 'Gentaro Shoten'

'kinmiya' shochu bottle (¥1,000)
'bottle sours' (¥300)
Sake isn't the only kind of drink you can enjoy at 'Gentaro Shoten.'
'Kinmiya' shochu (a distilled liquor that is generally more neutral in flavor than sake) can be purchased and paired with various sours. These beverages are also self-serve, so you really have the freedom to make a drink that suits your taste.
Even if you bring someone who doesn't drink sake, you can be sure that they will have a great time!

Great for groups or individuals! You can even stop by on your way home from work!

¥1,000 all-you-can-drink sake bar 'Tachinomi Gentaro Shoten' in Ebisu. An all-you-can-drink option with this many quality sakes can only be found somewhere like Gentaro Shoten, where the bar is operated by a sake store!
Since the bar is standing only, this is perfect for someone drinking alone, or with a large group. The next time you think about grabbing a drink on your way home from work (or you just want to try some great sake without breaking the bank), come check this place out!
I live in west Tokyo and spend my time thinking about food and going bouldering.

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