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Just Caught This Morning! Eat Fish From Around Japan (In One Place!) [PR]


Just a 7 minute walk from Ginza Station, Haneda Ichiba Ginza Chokubaiten is a standing-only restaurant that was started by fish merchant serving high-class restaurants in the area. Here you can eat extremely fresh fish that was caught this morning--from around Japan!

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The freshest fish from around the country are delivered by plane daily, guaranteeing super freshness! -- Haneda Ichiba Ginza Chokubaiten

Located 7 minutes from Ginza Station, 'Haneda Ichiba Ginza Chokubaiten' is a standing-only restaurant. Don't be discouraged by the very simple exterior; this restaurant was started by a fresh fish merchant selling to many high-class restaurants in the neighborhood. Here you can enjoy fresh fish caught this morning in various places around Japan.
Haneda Ichiba has extremely high standards regarding the freshness of fish. Instead of purchasing from a fish market, Haneda Ichiba gets its seafood directly from the fishermen, giving it fresher products than most other restaurants. Here diners can try fish caught that morning from as far away as Kyushu or Hokkaido!

Try fish from across Japan served as sashimi!

'Sashimi Combination Platter' ¥1,200 (tax excl.)
When you first visit Haneda Ichiba, try the 'Sashimi Combination Platter' to really experience the difference in freshness.
Lined on the plate, you'll find fresh cuts of fish that normally could only be tasted in the locality where they were caught, and texture and flavor that only exists in super fresh fish.
To make sure that you can enjoy the pure, fresh taste of the fish itself, gently spread just a small amount of soy sauce on with a brush.
Today, we were served swordtip squid (very rare to find outside of Nagasaki Prefecture), Japanese jack mackerel, northern purple sea urchin, and bluefin tuna. These change daily, so you can always enjoy something different each time you go!

This much food for that price!? Try the simmered perch with some sake!

'Simmered Perch of the Day' ¥480 (tax excl.)
If you'll be enjoying some alcohol with the meal, give the simmered perch a try! For just ¥480, you get a gigantic portion of tender, delicious fish heads (trust us, they're yummy!) Simmered to perfection, all the delicious umami flavor is concentrated, making for a rich flavor that goes perfectly with sake!

Buttery goodness! 'Butter-Grilled Surf Clam'

'Butter-Grilled Surf Clam' ¥780 (tax excl.)
This delicious bite is created by taking a freshly-caught clam straight out of the tank and grilling it immediately, giving you freshness you'd usually need to travel to the beach to get.
The clam is served slightly rare, giving it a slight crunch! The sweetness of the clam combined with the richness of the butter is an addicting combination!

Amazing tuna richness! Try the tuna onion hot pot if you'll be drinking with your meal!

'Negima Nabe' ¥680 (tax excl.)
If you plan to consume a few beverages while you're here, this is our recommendation for food! The 'Negima Nabe' is a hot pot soup made from bone-in tuna pieces and green onions stewed in a salty-sweet broth. This is one of Haneda Ichiba's specialty items!
The tuna meat is so soft that it melts in your mouth as you eat it. The umami of the tuna and the sweetness of the onions meld with the flavorings of ginger and garlic, creating a harmonious flavor that is simply delicious. After finishing the contents of the hot pot, you are presented with ramen noodles, which you can add to the soup and eat as you sip on your drink!

Plenty of great sake to complement the fresh fish!

Sake is the perfect mate for Haneda Ichiba's fresh seafood. Many varieties are on offer here, from the smooth-on-your-tongue 'Yuki no Bosha,' to the mellow 'Tanaka 65.'

100 eaten every day! The popular lunch 'Nama Maguro Don!'

'Nama Maguro Don'¥990 (tax excl.)
Lunch is also popular at Haneda Ichiba. Around 100 tuna bowls are sold everyday!
The tuna is topped with a special house-made sesame soy sauce, and it goes perfectly with a bowl of rice. They use tuna that is fresh, juicy, and packed with umami.
Getting a refill of rice is free, so if you have leftover tuna from the donburi, you can put it onto the fresh rice and make 'ochazuke' (tea soup, shown above).

Haneda Ichiba's fresh fish can be purchased whole!

Since Haneda Iichiba is really just a fish shop turned into a standing restaurant, customers can still buy whole fish. Many customers purportedly come from throughout Tokyo to buy the fish sold here. Fish such as the sumagatsuo shown above are a rare find in Tokyo, and make for a delicious treat.


Today we introduced 'Haneda Ichiba Ginza Chokubaiten,' located 7 minutes from Ginza Station. Thanks to their unique system, they source some of the freshest fish from around the whole country, which is truly remarkable. If you're seeking some outstanding fish in Ginza, this place is definitely worth checking out!
And if you want a place to sit down and have an Edomae sushi experience, then their sister restaurant called Haneda Ginza Seven might be an option worth considering.

They have a sushi course with all-you-can-drink sake for ¥10,000 that is worth every yen. See the link below for more information.
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