Updated: May 10, 2019
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Kyoto Gourmet Festival "Mirai Matsuri Food Fest" Happening This Month!

Kyoto City

Part of the 'Kyoto Mirai Matsuri,' festival running since the end of last month, a gourmet event called 'Mirai Matsuri Food Festival' featuring restaurants from around Kyoto will start on Sunday, May 12th in Kyoto's Minami-za theater. Be sure to check it out before the end of the event!

May 12, 2019(Sun) - May 25, 2019(Sat)
Minami-za Theater, Kyoto
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An awesome food festival Starting Sunday, May 12th!

Running from April 30th to May 25th, the 'Kyoto Mirai Matsuri' is a festival with a theme combining tradition with innovation. The festival takes place at the recently re-opened Minami-za theater in Kyoto, one of Japan's most historical theaters.

※Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019 is made up of 3 different events; the Oto Matsuri, the Hiru Matsuri (this article's focus) and the Yoru Matsuri.
As part of the Hiru Matsuri (beginning 5/12), Several restaurants from around Kyoto will gather for the 'Mirai Matsuri Food Festival!'

Festival visitors will be able to try delicious food bites and desert dishes from well established shops and restaurants that are coming up on the scene now!

From French to Chinese to Sweets, there are many genres of food to try!

Gyoza from Rakusenro, one of Kyoto's top Chinese restaurants. The skin is springy and smooth, and the meat filling is so juicy!
Rakusenro will be offering these plump, steamed gyoza at the Mirai Matsuri for ¥600.
'Kyoto Kameyoshi' is a gourmet popcorn brand born in Kyoto which features natural, additive-free ingredients. Flavors include 'Ripe Japanese Pepper,' 'Brown Sugar and sesame powder,' and 'Green Onion.' (~¥300)
Selling Kyoto-style cotton candy with Japanese flavors such as 'Matcha' and 'Brown Sugar Syrup,' JEREMY&JEMIMAH is one of the shops that will be selling desert items. Cotton candy will be sold from ¥600.

List of restaurants appearing at the festival

[5/12 ~ 5/18]
-Cafe Bistro AUX BONS MORCEAUX (French)
-Vineria h (Italian)
-LUDENS (Italian)

[5/19 ~ 5/25]
-MAVO (French)
-Rakusenro (Chinese)

[5/12 - 5/25]
-CANNATUREL (specialty canned foods)
-Kyoto Kameyoshi (popcorn)
-Kyoto Honkuzugori (shaved ice)
-Kyoto Gion Wabiyakorekido (chicken)
-JEREMY&JEMIMA (cotton candy)

In addition to the food, check out the tech demos and beer art!

In addition to the food, the festival will also feature some futuristic technology demos, including a 'digital food stand' and AR kabuki performances.
Also available only at this festival will be a beer art booth by Suntory. Grab a delicious The Premium Malts beer with special kabuki art on the top. Instagram, watch out!

Check out the 'Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019!'

Delicious food, beautiful beer, a projection-mapped waterfall--what are you waiting for? Go check out the festival!

Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019, Supported by SUNTORY
 「昼マツリ –HIRU MATSURI–」

※Entry times will be designated on pre-purchased tickets。
※There is no time limit after entering, but final exit time is 17:30

【Entrance Fee】Ticket + one drink adult¥2,000- child¥1,000-(tax incl.)
※Tickets can be purchased at the event(recommended), or from any major convenience store (using the touch screen device there).
※Includes all experiences within the venue。Food from vendors purchased separately。
※Child fee is for 4 ~ 12 year olds。Under 3 years old are free.
I live in west Tokyo and spend my time thinking about food and going bouldering.

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