Updated: August 13, 2019
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Sushi Guide: Hokkaido (Our Top 5 Picks)

Hokkaido is known for having some of the best seafood in Japan. If you're planning a trip to the northern island and wondering where to go for the best sushi, look no further than this guide to our top 5 sushi picks!

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Sushi Ikko (Sapporo)

Many would argue that Ikko is the best sushi in Hokkaido. The restaurant has 2 Michelin stars, and people travel to Hokkaido just to eat here. Many reviewers on Tabelog claim to have been literally brought to tears from the deliciousness of the sushi. The ingredients are of the highest quality, and the sushi and tsumami are simply outstanding

The omakase course here is ¥25,000 per person, which will seem like a bargain once you've finished eating. Don't miss this restaurant if you're going to Hokkaido!

Sushi Minato (Asahikwa)

Sushi Minato is located in Asahikawa, near the center of Hokkaido. This excellent sushi restaurant has one Michelin star, and is highly regarded. Here, courses run from ¥5,000 up to ¥15,000. You can choose your price within that range, and receive a different number of tsumami and sushi based on how much you spend. For the maximum ¥15,000, you'll get about 10 tsumami dishes and 11 nigiri pieces, all of which are incredible. If you're traveling further into Hokkaido, this sushi place can't be missed!

Sushi Dokoro Arima (Sapporo)

Arima is another fantastic sushi option in Sapporo. The omakase course at this Michelin starred restaurant is a reasonable 13,000 yen, and includes 6 tsumami dishes, a steamed item, 9 pieces of sushi, egg, and a soup dish. Arima locally sources its seafood as much as possible, and the effort shows. The seafood is of superb quality, and the straightforward sushi accentuates the local, Hokkaido freshness. By the end of the course, your tummy will be happily filled, and you will be grinning ear-to-ear.

Umenozushi (Hakodate)

Perhaps the best sushi in Hakodate (in the southernmost part of Hokkaido) can be found here at Umenozushi. Unlike the other shops on this list, Umenozushi doesn't have any Michelin stars. Despite this, the quality is amazing, and the price is very affordable. You can get sushi like you would get at a high-end ¥30,000 Tokyo restaurant for about ¥5,000. It's that good!

Sushi Oneda (Mori)

Hidden away in the tiny town of Mori in southern Hokkaido, Sushi Oneda is a Michelin starred restaurant serving gorgeous sushi. Enjoying the omakase course with a couple of drinks will run you less than ¥10,000, which is a fantastic price. Despite being in such a rural location, this restaurant has a great reputation, and is therefore very popular. It's best to make a reservation if you plan to stop here.

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