Updated: May 15, 2019
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Super-Thick Noodles and Super-Thick Soup! Awesome Ramen at Menya Endo

We went to check out 'Menya Endo,' a ramen shop with special, thick noodles in Monzennakacho, Tokyo. The recommended item here is definitely the tsukemen. The super rich soup goes perfectly with the chewy, thick noodles. Check out our review below!

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We went to eat tsukemen at Menya Endo!

4 minutes away from Monzennakacho Station.
The chef here studied the art of ramen while working at the same ramen restaurant that produced the famous ramen chef Tomita. With this knowledge in hand, we had high expectations!

The Tokusei Tsukemen is the way to go

Tokusei No.1
2 pieces of chashu (belly and roast), 2 meat dango (meatballs), 1 ajitama (egg), and 3 pieces of nori seaweed.

Simple counter top seating

The small shop seats 8 at the counter.
Apparently sumo wrestlers frequent the restaurant, and the walls are decorated with sumo rankings and colored paper.
The seasonings set out at the counter are simple, and consist of vinegar, shichimi, and pepper.

We waited with excitement for our tsukemen to be finished!

The eye-catching Tokusei Tsukemen!

Tokusei Tsukemen, regular size (¥980)
Even the regular size is a lot of food! It's definitely a good deal.

The chashu and other toppings are served on the side so that customers can dip them in the sauce when and how they want to.

Super-rich seafood tonkotsu soup

The soup is as thick and rich as it looks. The tonkotsu (pork bone) broth is filled with fish meal, giving it a complex flavor and aroma. In the middle of the bowl is the ajitama (egg) and next to that are the 2 meat dango.
When scooping up the broth with a spoon, the soup was smoother than it initially appeared. Having a sip, I could taste konbu, sardines, garlic, and other herbal notes. It was clear that it had been carefully created and cooked for a long time. In addition, there was a slight hint of acidity that was quite nice.

Super-thick, mochi-mochi noodles!

These noodles are an original creation of the legendary Tomita. The thick, glossy noodles don't curl, and look so beautiful sitting in the bowl. These noodles are so special that the shop makes the soup to match the noodles, not the other way around!

Dipping the noodles and taking a bite...

The super-thick, chewy noodles go perfectly with the richness of the soup. The sweetness of the wheat spreads through your mouth as you chew the wonderfully springy noodles. The strong flavor of this soup could only be balanced by a noodle like this, and the combination is amazing.

The toppings

2 types of chashu
The red chashu was prepared at low temperature, and has an unbelievable umami. The soft, oily, light pink chashu is grilled, and has a a great texture and flavor.
Next to those are 3 pieces of nori!
The other toppings are green onions, menma (pickled bamboo), and grated yuzu.
These are all delicious, and I reccomend putting them into the soup. The yuzu in particular changes the flavor of the soup, adding wonderful citrus notes. First eat the soup without the yuzu, and then add it halfway through to get 2 different flavor experiences!

The ajitama is cooked perfectly

The ajitama has been flavored all the way to the yolk, which is perfectly cooked and oozes out when you break into it.

The dango are great, too!

The flavor of the soup soaks into these chicken dango. It's great to be able to eat more meat in the ramen!

In closing

We had a fantastic meal at Menya Endo. If you're looking to try some amazing, extra-thick noodles, this is a surefire option. Go with the tokusei tsukemen, and you won't be disappointed! Happy eating!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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