Updated: May 16, 2019
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¥1,000 Dinner Roulette: Using an App to Randomly Order at Saizeriya

We used an app that randomly selects a combination of menu items that total ¥1,000 to order our dinner at Saizeriya, a popular, cheap "Italian" chain restaurant in Japan. The results were surprising!

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The 'Saizeriya 1,000 yen spinner' app

Push the green button and decide your fate!
Currently buzzing on Japanese twitter, the 'Saizeriya 100 yen spinner' is a web app that randomly chooses a selection of items from the menu at Saizeriya that come to a total of ¥1,000.
4 of us grabbed our phones and headed to the nearest Saizeriya to try it out!
Saizeriya is beloved for its wallet-friendly prices.
We often grab drinks or dinner there, so when we found out about the 1,000 yen spinner, we had to try it out.
We were excited to see the results of the experiment!

Just push the green button and leave the fate of your meal to chance!

The web app is super easy to use. Follow the URL on your phone, push the green button, and boom, up pops your order!

Random spin number 1: four drinks and a... what??

The results of the first spin. Just show this to the waiter to place your order!
The first spin on the app resulted in four drinks and a soft boiled egg!

I see! So the drink menu is also included in the app. This combination is a bit strange, though...
A few minutes after placing the order, this is what was brought out. Since we came as a group of 4, this isn't really such a strange first order (except for the egg).

We pushed the button again to see what would come out next!

Random spin number 2: A Saizeriya super bargain set!

In contrast to spin number 1, spin number 2 gave us some real food items; Saizeriya's popular Doria set, plus a huge yakiniku and hamburger set!

We thought "could this really only be 1,000 yen?" But, sure enough, a check of the menu confirmed the bargain price.
That all this food could be less than ¥1,000 only further cemented our love of Saizeriya.
This was definitely a godly spin, and we'd like to call this the 'Divine Set.'

Random spin number 3: this is proving to be interesting...

Another go at the spinner gave us this 6-item collection!

In addition to a royal Tiramisu, we also scored a desert-like 'Ice Cream-Topped Cinnamon Focaccia.' The other items were the 'Set Mini Focaccia,' Focaccia, Mini Baguette, and grated Pecorino Cheese.
Somehow we managed to get 3 different focaccia items in the same order. This is proving a bit tricky!
I guess you could call this round the 'Saizeriya bread tasting menu.'
I'm glad we ended up with this beauty, though. The cinnamon sugar and ice cream on top of the chewy focaccia is delicious.

Random spin number 4: Did the most expensive item on the spinner just show up?

This was our last spin on the app.
Personally, I was hoping for the spinich sautee, or something off the yet-to-appear pasta menu, but instead ended up with a one-item spin: the rib steak.

Looking at the price, we noticed that this one plate is ¥999. Could this be the most expensive item on the spinner app?
This is the rib steak.
Compared to the variety of the other spins, it was slightly disappointing to only get one item from the spin. However, we felt a certain amount of pride knowing that we had spun the most expensive item possible.

It's pretty amazing to think that the most expensive steak at Saizeriya is still less than 1,000 yen, and that most of the pastas and doria can be ordered for around 300 yen.

Time to enjoy the bounty of our 4 spins!

With all of the food from our 4 spins delivered, it was time to dig in. We traded dishes around so that everyone had something substantial to enjoy.

By the way, from when we started ordering to when all of the food was delivered, only about 15 minutes had passed! The hospitality of Saizeriya is no joke!
We had the idea to add the random ¥69 soft boiled egg and ¥100 grated cheese to the rib roast steak as toppings.
This was a brilliant move.
The soft yolk and cheese added a delicious richness to the medium rare steak, upping the flavor a notch.

This combination is slightly more than ¥1,000, so it wouldn't be possible to get these 3 items on one spin if using the app, but I recommend ordering all 3 off the menu sometime!

The final bill...

Despite the initial spin that gave us mostly drinks, we managed to get an awesome meal from total chance! It shouldn't have been suprising, but it was still somehow thrilling to look at the final bill and see a total of less than 4,000 yen.

In closing

Besides us, there were several other groups of people trying out the 1,000 yen spinner in Saizeriya. Even after we ordered, it was fun to keep playing with the app, seeing what combinations were possible. Sometimes some very strange combinations show up, but other times some epic combinations appear that would be fun to order!

If you can read Japanese, it's easy to see what you would be ordering, but even if you don't you can just take a chance and see what comes out!
Saizeriya has locations all over Japan, but the one we went to for this article is here:
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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