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Eat Like Genghis Khan at Hokkaido Genghis Khan 'Kita Jin' (Tokyo)


Tucked away near Hamamatsucho Station, 'Kita Jin,' offers authentic Hokkaido-style genghis khan in a relaxed atmosphere. The lamb meat is delivered to the restaurant chilled, not frozen, giving it a freshness that is better than can be found at most genghis khan restaurants.

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Super Fresh Lamb and Mutton

Lamb chops
Kita Jin is a sleek restaurant near Hamamatsucho Station specializing in Hokkaido-style genghis khan. If you've never heard of genghis khan before, it's basically sheep yakinuku. You can grill fresh pieces of lamb and mutton on a charcoal grill in the middle of the table, cooking the meat to your preference.
Kita Jin is a fairly small restaurant, with a sleek and clean interior. Each table is equipped with a charcoal grill that has a sophisticated exhaust vent above it to get rid of any somke that is created while grilling the meat. These things work really well, because the interior smells nice, and not at all smoky.
The sleek interior of the restaurant

The amazingly fresh lamb and mutton at Kita Jin

Fatty lamb sirloin
Some genghis khan restaurants serve meat that has been frozen, but at Kita Jin, all of the meat is delivered chilled, never frozen, and is therefore super fresh. This coupled with the chefs' expert cleaning, storage, and preparation of the meat makes for lamb and mutton that doesn't have that typical gamy smell to it. This also means that you can cook the meat on the rarer side, which makes it more tender.
Lamb Breast
Lamb meat is generally thought of as being more tender and less gamy than mutton (meat from a sheep that is usually more than 1 year old), and this is true to some extent. The lamb sirloin is very tender and has a fairly mild taste that is pleasant and easy to eat. However, the mutton is also surprisingly tender and rich with flavor that is not very gamy at all! The comparison between the different meats is very interesting, and each is exciting to try.
Mutton Sirloin
The tastiest cut of meat has to be the lamb tongue. Unlike the other cuts of meat, the lamb tongue can be cooked for a little bit longer on the grill, giving it a wonderful texture that is satisfying to bite into. It has a nice chewiness that is still soft and easy to eat, and the flavor is rich without being gamy.
Lamb tongue

Kita Jin specializes in highballs, which go perfectly with genghis khan!

Kita Jin's whiskey selection
Most people think of beer as the beverage of choice for genghis khan, but a highball might actually be a better choice! Kita Jin takes pride in their highball menu, and they offer 6 different whiskeys, plus their own house blend to go in the drink. The flavor of whiskey with the clean bubbly finish of the soda water is a fantastic way to wash down lamb and mutton.

There's a dinner course that includes all-you-can-drink alcohol!

The food items included with the course
Ordering a la carte is great, but if you want to try all of the most popular items, and drink as much as you want for 2 hours, then the Kita Jin Course is probably your best bet! For ¥4,500, you get the awesome spread of meat shown above, plus unlimited drinks for 2 hours!

Final Thoughts

If you've never tried genghis khan before, and are curious to try this Hokkaido specialty at a restaurant that uses fresh meat, Kita Jin is a great option! The meat is fresh, the prices are reasonable, and there are some great menu options available.
Note: the restaurant is closed on weekends, so plan for a weekday!

If you plan to visit here are the details:
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