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Giant Legendary Karaage for ¥280?! Get Outta Town!


Harahachi Bunmei is a popular Tokyo izakaya chain where all items and (most) drinks are ¥280. The shop is famous for its karaage (fried chicken), which has won gold in past karaage competitions! We went to check out the legendary fried chicken and low prices!

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Harahachi Bunme: Legenday karaage

Harahachi Bunme is an affordable Izakaya chain (everything is ¥280) with locations around Tokyo and Saitama. The karaage here is famous for its size and delicious flavor, which has won gold in past karaage competitions. We went to the Ikebukuro location to check it out!

Sweet atmosphere!

Apparently, the interior of each location is different.
Unlike other comparable izakaya chains, each location of Harahachi Bunme has different interior design and style, which makes the experience feel more unique. The tables are large, and the space is cozy and comfortable, making it easy to relax and stay for as long as you want without feeling rushed.

The food

Karaage covered in fondue cheese
Haraachi Benme's selling point is that all of the items on the huge menu (even most of the drinks) are only ¥280. This menu approach isn't necessarily unique, but the amount of food that you get for that price is definitely special. It almost makes you question how the restaurant is making money!

Wow, is this really only ¥280?

"Legendary" karaage chicken

Karaage and Asahi draught beer, ¥280 each
It's hard to believe that this platter of karaage is only 280. There are 3 pieces, each the size of your hand! The karaage has won competitions before, and it's easy to see why. According to the store manager, 99% of customers order the karaage, which sounds absurd--until you try it!
Each piece is the size of your hand!
The karaage pieces are so large that it wouldn't at all seem strange if you only got one for ¥280. The fact that you get three is just outrageous! This fried chicken has to be the best bang for your buck karaage in Tokyo.

Octopus carpaccio

¥280 octopus carpaccio
Olive oil and soy sauce make for a lovely Italian-Japanese fusion carpaccio dish. I could imagine paying ¥1,000 for this dish at a fancy wine bar, but somehow it's on the menu here for ¥280.

Specialty Beef tendon tofu

This would easily go for double the price at any other restaurant
This is another of Harahachi Bunme's specialties. Beef tendon and daikon radish are simmered for hours on end to make this incredibly flavorful dish. It is served with its own burner, and bubbles pleasantly on your table.


This ¥280 bibimbab is a meal in and of itself.
Stone pot versions of this beloved korean dish normally go for more than ¥1,000, and are an entire meal. There's not much difference in size or ingredients here, but the price is a fraction of that.

Fondue Cheese?!

Harahachi Bunme is offering fondue cheese added to any dish that you like. The cheese is ¥280, just like everything else on the menu, but for all-women groups, it's free! We tried putting it on a few different items, and had some great results!
Cheesy chicken? YES.
Daikon and cheese?
YES. Surprisingly, this was actually the tastiest combination, which was recommend by the chef.

Asahi Super dry is also only 280!

Cold, refreshing, and perfectly matched to fried chicken
This is the best selling beer in Japan, and 280 is a fantastic price! We're going to need a few of these...

Next time: Waiwai party set

So much delicious food...
We noticed that there is a special party course available for 2750 that includes 2 hours of all-you-can-drink alcohol! Apparently you can choose from 100+ different drinks, and you get 11 different dishes including desert.
Doing the math (11 dishes X 280 = 3,080 + 2 hours of drinks = ~¥5,000?) I'm not quite sure how the restaurant is making money off of this course. In any case, we're definitely going to go back to do it sometime! If you're looking for an amazing nomihodai deal, this is pretty darn good.

In closing

The food was great, and super reasonable! If you want to have a night out at an izakaya that won't break the bank, Harahachi Bunme is a superb choice. There are locations around Tokyo and Saitama, so find one close to you and check it out!

The location we went to today was in Ikkebukkuro:
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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