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Refined, rich parfaits with liqueur pairing by coisof in Ginza [PR]


Now located in Ginza, Coisof has renewed its menu and is now serving elegant parfaits with liqueur pairings.

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A new location and a new menu catering to sophisticated ice cream lovers

New ice cream parfaits at Coisof in Ginza
Served with a liqueur sauce, the new ice cream parfaits are as refined-looking as they are sophisticated in their taste.
Original Harajuku ice cream cones are still served at Coisof in Ginza
And for the fans of the cute Harajuku sesame ice cream cones decorated with colourful "oiri" balls (kind of Japanese traditional sweet), rest assured because they are still available.

Whatever you choose, you'll be amazed by the rich, smooth ice cream of coisof.
Rich Black Parfait (¥1,200; ¥1,000 without liqueur)
The luscious Rich Black Parfait is made up of ice cream that contains bamboo charcoal, black cocoa powder, and high-quality sesame produced by Kuki Sangyo Corporation, which is a very reputable company in Japan. As for toppings, it contains Belgium chocolate pudding and a piece of chocolate brownie.
Hokkaido Milk Strawberry Parfait (¥1,200; ¥1,000 without liqueur)
This parfait is made from milk produced in Hokkaido, which is known for its rich, fresh taste and light sweetness. This rich, milky ice cream goes incredibly well with the slightly sour and sweet strawberries used as a topping.
The Rich Black Parfait is served with a bitter coffee liqueur. The bitterness of the coffee liqueur is perfectly balanced out by the sweetness of the ice cream. If you like rich sweets, you won't go wrong with this parfait.
As for the Hokkaido Milk Strawberry Parfait, it is paired with kirsch, which is a berry-based liqueur. The combination of strawberries and rich, fresh Hokkaido milk ice cream is spot on.

Located inside re:Dine Ginza

Coisof is located within re:Dine Ginza, Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant. Aside from coisof's delectable ice cream, you can also enjoy all kinds of experimental cuisine made by a talented line up of chefs that changes periodically.
Located very near the C8 exit of Ginza station.

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