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15 Cuts of Kobe Beef, 8 Courses, 1 Unforgettable Meal. Umeda Ohatsutenjin [PR]

Osaka City

If you're searching for the perfect place to eat Kobe beef in Osaka, this is it! Umeda Ohatsutenjin Otonano Kobe-Gyu Yakiniku offers a luxurious Kobe beef course featuring an exhaustive array of top-grade Kobe beef cuts that you can grill yakiniku-style at your table.

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Osaka's Umeda Ohatsutenjin 'Kobe beef yakiniku for grown-ups'

The entrance to the restaurant
Umeda Ohatsutenjin Otonano Kobe-Gyu Yakiniku is tucked away on a narrow street 3 minutes from Higashi Umeda station (near Osaka and Umeda stations). The sign outside reads(in Japanese) 'Kobe beef yakiniku for grown-ups,' which is an accurate description of the sophisticated Kobe beef dishes that await inside.
Head up the stairs to the second floor to find yourself in a small, sleek restaurant with just 12 seats.
Here, top-quality Kobe beef is all they do. Guests can order menu items individually, but the best deal (and surefire ticket to an unforgettable meal) is to order the exhaustive Kobe beef tasting course.

The 8-dish Kobe beef experience course

The mouthwatering Kobe beef course
This is the end-all Kobe beef course. In total, there are 15 different cuts of meat to try, each with a different flavor, texture, umami, and mouthfeel. The restaurant uses the same Kobe beef used at Michelin starred restaurants in the area, so the quality is extremely high. After enjoying this course, you can feel confident that you've truly experienced outstanding Kobe beef, prepared in a variety of ways.

Wine is the recommended beverage to pair with this course, and the sommelier will be happy to make a suggestion.

The chef prepares everything right in front of you

Counter seating
The cozy interior of Otonano Kobe-Gyu Yakiniku has only 12 seats, ensuring that guests are able to interact directly with the chefs. Sitting at the counter is recommended, as you can watch the chef prepare and present the beautiful cuts of meat. There is a grill sunken into the countertop for each set of two seats, so it's perfect for couples. If you come with a larger party, there is also a table that seats four.

Details of the course menu

Dish one: Seasonal Kimchi

3-vegetable Kimchi
This kimchi is light, not too spicy, and goes well with a glass of wine. The vegetables change with the season, but mini tomatoes are usually featured in this kimchi.

Dish two: Seasonal Namul

House-made namul
This house-made namul is another Korean-inspired side dish that features seasonal vegetables with a salt-based seasoning that perfectly complements the meat dishes.

Dish three: Raw Beef Sampler

3-piece raw beef plate (special roast beef, bible tripe, and seared tartar with yolk)
This raw tasting plate includes 3 different cuts of beef.
The first is a roast beef made from a rare cut from the leg that has increased marbling. The beef is cooked at low temperature, and then rested for a day before being served.
The second is bible tripe, carefully washed and seasoned with white miso. This should be dipped in ponzu when eaten.
The third is seared beef tartar from a rare cut of meat located under the joint of the back leg. The meat is super fresh, allowing for it to be safely eaten raw.

Dish four: Beef Tongue Tasting Platter

Beef Tongue Tasting Platter (thick cut, thin cut, and kalbi)
This dish contains three different cuts of beef tongue that can be sampled and compared. The thick cut is comparable to a steak, while the thin cut is soft and chewy. The tongue kalbi is cut from the part closest to the jaw, and has a texture and taste different from any tongue you’ve ever tried!

Dish five: Shioyaki Beef Assortment

Salted beef plate (thin-cut cheek meat and thick-cut skirt steak)
These cuts of beef are lightly seasoned with salt, accentuating the natural flavor and texture of the beef. The thinner cut is a rare cut from the cheek, and should be dipped in ponzu before eating. Despite being thinly sliced, the cheek meat has a richness that increases and spreads through your mouth as you chew it.
The thicker cut is a tender piece of skirt steak with rich umami. This should be topped with the restaurant’s house-made foamed soy sauce, which melts beautifully into the meat.

Dish six: Ultra-Grade Grilled Shabu

Ultra-grade Grilled Shabu
This extremely high-quality, thin cut of beautifully marbled beef should be grilled for only 10 seconds on each side. The high fat content allows these exquisite cuts of meat to melt in your mouth. The restaurant suggests wrapping the meat around a bit of grated daikon and dipping it into ponzu before eating.

Dish seven: Five-Cut Tasting Platter

Five-Cut Tasting Platter
This array of meat features 5 different cuts of beef that should be grilled and dipped in the house-made tare (sauce). Each cut is from a different part of the cow and has unique characteristics. The umami and sweetness of the Kobe beef are perfectly accented by the mirin and soy sauce-based tare.

Dish eight: Beef Broth Chazuke

Beef Broth Chazuke
The last dish is a beef ochazuke. A special house broth made from beef tendon, onions, soy sauce, and mirin is poured over a bowl of rice and topped with seared pieces of beef. Wasabi, nori, and citrus can be added as accents, creating for a fantastic way to finish off the meal.

An outstanding Kobe beef meal for great price

This 8-dish course, filled with so many cuts of Kobe beef is only ¥13,000! This is quite an impressive price tag, considering the staggering variety and quality of meat that you can enjoy in one course. If you're looking for an authentic Kobe beef experience with lots of variety, this has got to be one of the best options available.

Visiting Umeda Ohatsutenjin Otonano Kobe-Gyu Yakiniku

The restaurant is located 3 minutes away from Higashi Umeda station, or about 10 minutes from Osaka station. If you plan on visiting, it is recommended that you make a reservation (see button below for English reservations).
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