Updated: May 24, 2019
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One-Person Japanese BBQ! 'Yakiniku Like' in Tokyo


'Yakiniku Like' is an awesome yakiniku restaurant where each diner gets their own, personal grill, with absolutely no pressure to share the delicious pieces of grilled meat with anyone else! Oh, and the price is unbelievably cheap!

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The capsule hotel of yakiniku restaurants

It's like a private yakiniku desk, stocked with everything you need to make BBQ!
'Yakiniku Like' is a new 'hitori yakinuku' (one-person barbecue) restaurant chain that started in Shinbashi, but now has several locations around the greater Tokyo area. The concept is a restaurant that offers a quick, affordable, delicious yakiniku meal that people can visit even if they are by themselves. It's like the capsule hotel of yakiniku restaurants, providing all the amenities of a full-sized table at a yakiniku restaurant in a small, one-person space.
The interior of the Shinjuku location.
The inside of the restaurant is lined with counters equipped with small grills sunken into the wood in front of each stool. It's almost like sitting at a private, yakiniku desk equipped with everything you need to make delicious grilled meat.

Ridiculously low-priced meal sets

Kalbi and Harami set, 200g (¥1,210)
As if the experience of having your own, private barbecue party wasn't enough, the price of a meal set here is so cheap! Any set with 100 grams of meat is less than ¥1,000, and a 200 gram set still won't push the tab above ¥1,500! The 200g option of the shop's most popular set, the Kalbi and Harami set is just ¥1,210!
Look at this cute little grill!
The price is low enough to make you question the quality of the meat being used, but you don't need to; all of the meat used in Yakiniku Like is carefully chosen by the owner, who worked for many years at a fresh meat store. The quality and amount of meat that you get for the price is amazing, and you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get full.
Japanese Sukiyaki Set (100g/¥860, 200g/¥1,440)
If you're feeling fancy, why not splurge on one of the more "expensive" sets, like the Sukiyaki set (above). You can feel like you're treating yourself while in reality you're probably saving money! If you want more meat, or want to try a different cut, you can always add more meat to your meal, including more premium cuts of meat.
If you prefer other cuts of meat, such as tongue, there are plenty of options!

Check out Yakiniku Like!

Yakiniku Like is a chain, which is just starting to expand rapidly! Expect to find them all over Japan within just a few years. The pictures in this article were taken when we visited the Shinjuku location, but there are many other locations now opening. Find one near you and check it out!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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