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RECORD BAR analog: great drinks, vintage turntable music in Shibuya! [PR]


This is one of the coolest new bars in Shibuya. They have an awesome record collection that they play on an excellent quality vintage sound system (turntables, speakers and amps) a good selection of drinks, and a great retro atmosphere.

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Nice drinks, good music, and a great atmosphere await you at RECORD BAR analog in Shibuya

With its hip retro interior, wonderful collection of old and new records, and its solid selection of drinks, RECORD BAR analog is definitely a good spot to hang out in Shibuya.

The place is located around a 7-minute walk from Shibuya station (JR line), or a 5-minute walk from Shinsen station (Keio Inokashira line).
Walk in and the first thing you'll notice is the inviting and incredibly comfortable retro vibe. This is because the design is inspired by the Showa-era Japanese "sunakku" (a kind of small cozy bar). The atmosphere alone really makes it a good venue to spend a nice evening in good company.

Vintage turntables, speakers and amps for an authentic sound

Adding to the nostalgic aura of the place is the music. Records are played on vintage turntables, speakers and amps of superior quality, generating a pure, old school sound. The music selection is impressive too; you'll find everything from old Japanese and western classics to modern hits. RECORD BAR analog is particularly well-known among music lovers, but the drinks are also a good reason to go there. I'll introduce a few of them below.

Analog Mojito

The Analog Mojito is really nice! They use a special kind of sugar that gives a deeper taste to the rum, and the mint used is from Cuba, which has a stronger, more refreshing taste than spearmint. The Analog Mojito is fragrant and has some punch.

Cucumber Gin Tonic

The gin tonic is the house's recommended drink. They have two versions of it. The cucumber one pictured above is made from Hendrick's Gin, which is infused with a variety of herbs and botanicals. It also includes some Bulgarian rose, which gives it a distinctive rose flavour. Cucumber slices are then added to it to further enhance the refreshing taste.

Pink Gin Tonic

Their other popular gin tonic is this pink one made from Gordon's Premium Pink gin. The gin itself has a raspberry flavour. To give it a more pronounced berry taste and to make it a bit pinker, some redcurrants and raspberries are added, too.

Sake Highball

For a taste of Japan, try this sake highball. It's an interesting drink you're unlikely to see anywhere else. It's made from muni, a kind of Japanese sake liqueur that has a blue tint. Once you have a sip of it you'll feel the fresh sake taste spread in your mouth.

Princess Highball

This highball made from apricot brandy is one of the most popular ones. Apricot brandy has a high alcohol content, but when made into this highball by adding some sparkling water and a little cream, it's surprisingly really easy to drink.

Agwa Ginger Mojito

For a different twist on the mojito try this Agwa-based one! Agwa is a Bolivian liqueur made from a blend of coca leaves and over 30 other herbs and botanicals. The herbal taste is accentuated by some added mint, and the ginger ale adds a nice sweetness and gingery taste.

Melon Soda With Ice Cream

For those with a sweet tooth, rest assured because analog has this melon soda float. Melon soda is a popular kind of soft drink in Japan. You should give it a try if you haven't already. They have this one in either green or red melon soda.


Whether you go for the music, the drinks, or the atmosphere, you'll love this place! Already the word seems to be getting out as there are plenty of great reviews online.

Note that there is a small table fee, but you'll be served some snacks in exchange. This is a common system in Japan called "otoshi".
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