Updated: May 29, 2019
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The Original Giant Mozzarella-Filled Burger! Bakubakutei in Okinawa

A restaurant called 'Bakubakutei' (ばくばく亭)in Chatan, Okinawa is home to Japan's original cheese-in hamburger steak. Cutting into the patty with a knife releases a flow of meaty juice and mozzarella cheese that is a beautiful thing to behold!

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Home of the cheese-in burger: Bakubakutei

Bakubakutei is a well-known restaurant in Chatan, Okinawa that is famous for it's handmade hamburgers, made fresh daily.

According to the owner, Bakubakutei was the first restaurnat in Japan to come up with a cheese-filled hamburger. When you cut into one of these succulent patties, loved by customers of all ages, a stream of thick cheese and meat juice gush out in a fantastic fashion.

In addition to the special food, the restaurant is located atop a hill with a gorgeous view of the beautiful coastline. This place is definitely worth visiting!

This is it: the original Mozzarella Cheese-Filled Hamburger Steak!

'Cheese Oven-Grilled Hamburger Steak' S:¥1,420/R:¥1,720
This is the original cheese-filled hamburger steak that Bakubakutei is famous for.

Apparently, until 30 some years ago, cheese was placed on top of the hamburger, until a cheese-loving customer requested something with even more cheese. The restaurant's idea of filling the burger with mozzarella cheese was a big hit, and the cheese-filled burger has been on the menu ever since.

The patty is made from a combination of beef and Okinawan Agoo pork. A mixture of finely ground and coarsely ground meat is mixed together, giving the patty amazing juiciness while maintaining a great meaty texture. The small is 200 grams, and the regular is 280 grams, both of which can be ordered as a set with rice, salad, and soup for an extra ¥420.

The legendary patty is also offered on a bun! Check out the 'Bakubaku Burger!'

'Bakubaku Burger' ¥1,000
The burger version of this famous cheese-filled patty is also extremely popular. The thick, griddle-toasted bun is a perfect complement to the juicy patty. The burger is seasoned with a light demi-glace, onion rings, and lettuce.

If you just want the meat, the 'The Hamburg' is for you

'The Hamburg' S: ¥1,140/R: ¥1,430
If you want to experience Bakubakutei's meat patty all on its own, 'The Hamburg' is the thing to order. The umami of the patty is complemented well by the store's original blend of herb salt.

Look out over Chatan, towards the beautiful ocean as you enjoy your meal

When you order one of the hamburger items at Bakubakutei, the cooks will begin making it from scratch. This may take a little extra time, but the freshness of the resulting burger is worth it! Besides, the view from the window overlooking the valley is fantastic, so you won't mind relaxing at your table for while.

If you're looking for a local and delicious spot for lunch or dinner in Chatan, this is a great place to go!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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