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Melt-in-Your-Mouth A5 Wagyu Yakiniku: 'Tobiushi' (Iidabashi, Tokyo) [PR]


'Tobiushi' is a Yakiniku restaurant specializing in A5 wagyu (the highest wagyu rank). Here, guests are seated in private dining rooms equipped with tabletop grills to cook the premium beef yakiniku(Japanese BBQ) style. If you've never experienced top-grade wagyu before, this is a fantastic option.

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'Tobiushi' in Iidabashi, Tokyo

One of the private dining rooms
What stands out most about 'Tobiushi' is it's focus on impeccable quality. Located just 5 minutes away from Iidabashi station, the restaurant strives to provide a top-notch dining experience to its customers, and gives attention to the important details. All dining tables are in private rooms, and the ingredients used are carefully selected each day to ensure superior quality.

Melt-in-your-mouth A5 wagyu

A beautifully marbled slice of A5 wagyu
In case you were unaware, Japanese beef is called 'wagyu' and the quality of the meat is graded based on a 5-tiered scale, with A5 being the highest grade possible.

Tobiushi specializes in A5 wagyu, and the meat that they serve is of the highest quality, selected each day based on the best meat available. This superior quality makes for beef that you will still be thinking about months after your meal.
Every day, Tobiushi selects the best quality A5 wagyu available

A beef lover's dream come true: the 12-item 'Omotenashi Course'

The decadent course
If you don't want to worry about finding the best items on the menu, the easiest and most delicious thing to do is order the 'Omotenashi Course' for ¥10,000. This decadent course comes with 12 items, including the restaurant's most popular wagyu selections. This is undoubtedly a great deal for such an unforgettable meal.

Some of the highlights of the course are as follows:

Wagyu uni rolls

Uni and wagyu rolls
This luxurious bite of premium ingredients is a winning combination of super-fresh Hokkaido Uni wrapped in ultra-marbled, premium wagyu. The divine richness of the uni is a wonderful complement for the tender red meat.

Super-premium tongue

Premium tongue
Tongue lovers will tell you that the tongue is the tastiest part of the cow. If you think you disagree, this might just change your mind. This super-premium tongue is so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Sukiyaki Style Zabuton

'Sukiyaki Style Zabuton'
This is a special, thinly-sliced cut from the top of the cow's neck. This type of thinly-sliced meat is usually used for sukiyaki, but here, it is intended to be only lightly grilled. You can then dip the meat in egg yolk and wrap it around a chunk of rice, making for a mind-bogglingly umami-filled mouthful of juicy flavor.
Dipping the zabuton in egg yolk

Ultra-premium shimofuri 'Chateubriand Steak'

Thick-cut super-marbled Chateaubriand Steak
Shown in the picture sprinkled with gold, this thick-cut wagyu steak is worth writing home about. The meat is so tender that you can break it apart with your chopsticks, and the steak seems to melt in your mouth as you chew it. There's no going back to normal steaks after eating this one... Maybe you're better off never trying it!

Top-quality meat needs the perfect beverage

Makgeolli, the recommended beverage for this feast
Makgeolli is a Korean alcohol that is kind of like a cloudy version of sake. Tobiushi serves a Japanese-made version of Makgeoli called 'Tora,' that is wonderfully refreshing and is the perfect way to wash down the fatty, juicy, delicious wagyu.

If Makgeolli isn't your thing, fear not! There is an extensive menu of beverages including some very nice wines that are an equally fantastic accompaniment to the wagyu.

In closing

'Tobiushi' offers a top-notch dining experience that includes fantastic service, a private dining space, and highest-quality wagyu that you can cook to perfection yourself. The course offers an affordable and easy way to ensure an unforgettable meal, and is the recommended way to go! If you're looking to try some top-quality Japanese beef, this is an awesome option.
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