Updated: June 07, 2019
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Mango Boba! Mango Tango! Mango Fair at Monsoon Cafe! (Summer 2019)


This summer, Monsoon Cafe (locations around Tokyo) is having a "Summer Mango Fair," featuring four new mango and coconut-themed deserts! We headed to the Omotesando location to check it out for ourselves. Mango lovers, don't miss this!

May 24, 2019(Fri) - Aug 31, 2019(Sat)
Monsoon Cafe (Locations throughout Tokyo Area)
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Mango, mango, mango!

Monsoon Cafe, a popular cafe featuring southeast Asian-inspired food at several locations around Tokyo is currently having a "Summer Mango Fair." Four exciting, seasonal Mango-based deserts are on sale through the end of August!

Monsoon Cafe

Monsoon cafe is a southeast Asian-inspired restaurant with 10 locations in and around Tokyo. The concept of Monsoon Cafe is a "tropical paradise, tucked away from the bustling city," and the decoration of each location definitely provides that vibe! We went to the Omotesando location to check out the new mango menu, and were very impressed by the stylish decor.

Mango Products!

Until the end of August, four special mango items are on offer, each with a different characteristic, but all incorporating the summery flavor of ripe mango. We tried them all, and are happy to report that you can't go wrong with any of them. They're all delicious!

Mango Colada Boba

Mango Colada Boba, ¥680
A bit different then your average bubble tea, this boba drink combines the coconut and pineapple flavors of a piña colada with fresh mango, resulting in a cool, refreshing, tropical drink that goes great with the chewy tapioca pearls.

Mango Halo Halo

Mango Halo Halo ¥880
Halo Halo is a shaved ice desert that is wildly popular in the Philippines, where it originates. The Monsoon Cafe take on the dish includes finely shaved mango ice, fresh mangos, coconut ice cream, and almond jelly. It's delicious!

Mango Tango

Mango Tango, ¥650
This is the mango-fied version of Monsoon Cafe's signature desert. Mango pudding, tapioca pearls, and ice cream are covered with coconut milk and topped with more mango and whipped cream! It's milky, rich, and fabulous.

Mango Paratha

Mango Paratha, ¥880
This might be the most visually impressive of all the items. The dish is made by frying a paratha (Indian flat bread), giving it a wonderful crispy texture. This is then topped with coconut ice cream, mango chunks, peanuts, and chocolate and mango drizzles. It's quite decadent and very enjoyable to eat.


The Mango Fair will run through the end of August. Head to any of the Monsoon cafe locations to try out the delicious mango items! This article shows pictures from the Omotesando location, but there are many other Monsoon Cafes around Tokyo. Check out their website for details:
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