Updated: June 06, 2019
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Slightly Wacky, Totally Awesome Yakiniku in Tokyo (Daimon)


'tHe Good MoR~Ning' is a special yakiniku restaurant near Daimon Staion, Tokyo, that serves a mix of traditional and original yakiniku in a small, hip storefront. If you're looking for a yakiniku restaurant that breaks the mold, this is a great place!

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tHe Good MoR~Ning: a quirky yakiniku shop

Located 4 minutes from Daimon station, 'tHe Good MoR~Ning' is a yakiniku restaurant with the same owner as a famous Fukuoka yakiniku restaurant called 'Mr. Aoki,' that received the Michelin Guide's Bib Gourmand award.
The restaurant features both traditional and "Instagram-friendly" yakinuku menu items. The recommended order is the ¥3,000, 17-item 'Course A,' which allows diners to select their preferred meat and appetizer.

'Course A' lets you choose from 7 kinds of meat!

Choose from 7 different meats!
The ¥3,000 course lets you select from among 7 meats. Chicken, Pork, and wagyu cheek meat is available at no extra charge, otherwise you can add ¥500 for premium tongue, or ¥600 for premium kalbi or sirloin.
Mixed Horumon
In addition to the main meat that you get to choose, the set comes with a huge, 150g platter of 6 kinds of horumon (offal)! This is classic yakiniku fare, and is worth trying if you haven't before.
The tare (dipping sauce) is available in 3 different varieties: Sweet tasting 'Aoki yakiniku tare,' refreshing 'sansho lemon tare,' and slightly spicy 'shichimi miso tare.' Each is unique and gives a very different flavor to the meat.

This eye-catching appetizer is also worth trying!

Uni and broiled beef tongue wrap "Tongue Kiss"
The course includes an appetaizer, which can be chosen from among 6 options, including this instagram-worthy "Tongue Kiss"(+¥500). The red lips are made from a mix of sweet potato and potato, the teeth are drawn with a sweet, soy sauce-based sauce, and the tongue is a slice of broiled beef tongue topped with uni!

The set comes with 9 visually appealing 'Namul' dishes

'Namul' are Korean-inspired pickle dishes that are a wonderful complement to barbecued meat! As part of the set, a tray of 9 different namul is included, with changing ingredients based on the season.

Outstanding drinks!

Luxury whole-fruit enzyme sours, ¥680
An all-you-can-drink option can be added to the course, but these a la carte-only whole-fruit enzyme sours are definitely recommended! Since they feature a whole piece of fruit piled on the drink, they pack a visual punch. Apparently, the banana and strawberry drinks(not shown here) are extra spectacular!

Traditional yakiniku with an attitude

This restaurant offers an awesome yakiniku experience that is both traditional (focusing on the horumon), and unique. If you're looking for a special Japanese yakinuku experience that is a little out of the norm, this is a great option!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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