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Must-Try Gourmet Burger By a 24 Year-Old Chef: 'Farms' [Harajuku] [PR]


'Farms by Good Munchies' is a brand new, gourmet burger restaurant that opened in June, 2019 in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood. The restaurant is the second location of a highly-regarded burger shop called 'Good Munchies,' with a focus on artisan ingredients and unbeatable service.

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Phenomenal Burgers

'Farms' is the second branch of a popular burger restaurant called 'Good Munchies' that opened in west Tokyo just a year and a half ago. Despite being new on the block, Good Munchies quickly gained a great reputation for its outstanding, artisan burgers and great service. The amazing thing is that the chef and owner is just 24 years old!

The burgers use %100 American beef, and are handmade in the restaurant every day. The other ingredients are carefully selected, with the buns being custom made at a local artisan bakery and the vegetables being delivered directly from the market.

Take away service at ''Farms'' in Harajuku!

If you want to have good burgers delivered to your home or hotel using take out service, Farms has an English service system, so you can order online in English without any issue.But you can't speak good japanese for order meal, also can use UberEats application.
'Farms by Good Munchies' is bringing the same high-quality burgers and service to the busy Harajuku neighborhood, where the new, hip restaurant is located. The interior is lush with greenery, eliciting scenes of grassy pastures where the cows who produced the beef might've been raised. When you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted like family, which is Farms's motto when it comes to service.

Farms by Good Munchies's secret ingredient...

House-made ghee
A special ingredient that is incorporated into many of the menu items here is a house-made ghee. Ghee, in case you didn't know, is clarified butter, and is most commonly used in Indian cooking. Here, ghee is homemade in the restaurant by slowly heating fresh butter over low heat and straining out the impurities, leaving just the oil.

House Specialties

Tom & Jerry

Cheese burger lovers, lookout! The Tom & Jerry is a cheese burger that is to die for. The melty cheese is a mix 2 cheeses, including a house-smoked camembert cheese. The rich and smoky flavor instantly fills your mouth when you take a bite. This is one of the most popular burgers on the menu, and for good reason.

GHEE 99.9

There are no gimmicky sauces or flavor additives to this amazing burger. It's just a %100 beef patty, smoked nuts, cheese, and fresh veges. The house-made ghee just adds an amazing umami that highlights the natural flavors of the ingredients without disrupting them.


The 3 example bruschettas shown here are: Mexican-inspired (tomato salsa and fresh ricotta cheese), 3-mushroom (with house-made mushroom sauce), and Farms's original rice guacamole.
Farms gets a special delivery of freshly baked baguettes each morning from an artisan bakery in Itabashi, which are used to make a magnificent plate of three varieties of bruschetta. The ingredients change with seasonal availability, but the bruschetta is always served with ghee to bring out the umami in the toppings.

Homemade Smoothies!

These amazing, made-from-scratch smoothies shouldn't be missed! The cold and refreshing drinks come in 3 flavors (Passion, Purple Swag, and Fresh Squeeze), but the staff will happily make custom changes to the recipe if you ask! Burger and a smoothie? Yes please!

Only Served Twice Per Night: A Special 6-Course Dinner!

Starting in July, 2019, Farms will offer a very special 6-course dinner that they only serve to two groups per night! In order to enjoy this meal, you'll need to make a reservation, but it is completely worth it! The menu has been thoroughly thought-out, and an array of high-quality ingredients go into each course. The main dish is a wagyu burger that is to die for. The menu will change based on the availability of ingredients, but here are some examples of what to expect:

Baked Apple and Smoked Nuts Salad

This divine kale salad features baked apples and smoked nuts. It's definitely a salute to American-style salads, and is a great way to kick off this feast.

White Asparagus and Zucchini Soup

After a fresh salad, this creamy, white asparagus and zucchini soup is a nice transition to the burger that is coming next!

Onion Blossom and Artisan Potato Balls

These impeccably seasoned, fried potato balls are made with fresh onion blossoms and artisan potatoes from the western Tokyo countryside.

Umami Wagyu Burger

Unlike the shops normal burgers, which feature quality, %100 American beef, this special burger is made with wagyu (Japanese beef). The juicy patty is overflowing with incredible umami flavor.

Pancakes With Ghee

This fluffy, thick, homemade pancake is served with a miniature pitcher of Farm's house-made ghee. This is a wonderful way to finish a special dinner.

In Closing

Farm's by Good Munchies is an exciting new burger place in Harajuku that is hoping to bring exceptional-quality burgers to the mainstream. The service is amazing, and the restaurant is a great place to hang out with friends while eating quality food. Don't miss it next time you're in the neighborhood!
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Must-Try Gourmet Burger By a 24 Year-Old Chef: 'Farms' [Harajuku]


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