Updated: June 12, 2019
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Beer Bubble Tea?? 4 Special Tokyo Bubble Teas to Try This Summer


Tokyo is buzzing about bubble tea right now. The Taiwanese tea drink featuring tapioca pearls has spead like wildfire throughout the city, and now some wacky variations are starting to appear. Here are 4 interesting bubble teas that we want to try this summer!

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Tapioca in Beer?? A New Way for Adults to Enjoy Boba.

The bitterness of beer meets the chewy, squishy texture of tapioca pearls in this new combination drink! This is definitely intriguing. Other than the beer, soda and whipped cream can also be added.

The drink is being sold at a craft beer cafe called 'iBEER LE SUN PALM.' We can't wait to go check it out for ourselves!
Availability:February 27, 2019 〜 Unspecified
Shop: Shibuya Hikarie location、Futago Tamagawa Rise Shopping Center location、Atre Kawasaki location
Price:Tapioca The Next: Tapioca Beer ¥580〜

Mango Tapioca Drink at Conveyor Belt Sushi!

The drink on the left is the 'Tapioca Taiwan Milk Tea,' and the right is 'Tapioca Mango Drink,' ¥300 each
Bubble tea is getting so popular that you can even find it at kaiten sushi chains! Starting in June, the large conveyor belt sushi chain 'Kappa Sushi' is offering bubble tea drinks, including a mango flavored one.
We went to check it out, and were surprised by how good they tasted! There's actually a generous amount of tapioca pearls in the drink, and the mango one really has a nice, strong mango flavor.

Availability:June 5th, 2019〜Unspecified (limited time)
Shop:All Kappa Sushi locations (nationwide)
Price:Tapioca Mango Drink ¥300

Bubble Tea Collaboration With Cosmetics Company 'Shiseido'!

This drink is a collaboration between the Instagram-popular 'The Alley' bubble tea shop and famous make-up company 'Shiseido,' promoting the company's new 'ARTITAR MAKE' series.

The name of the colab drink is 'Raspberry Peach Star,' and it features a star-shaped sugar cookie on a topping of whipped creme. The drink itself is a luxurious combination of seasonal peach and raspberry, with tapioca pearls in the bottom.

Availability:June 20th, 2019~July 31st, 2019
Shop:All 'THE ALLEY' locations
Price:Raspberry Peach Star M Size ¥680

6,000 Sesame Seeds in Each Drink! Black Sesame Tapioca Latte

This super-rice sesame bubble tea drink is exclusive to Gomaya Kuki, home to the world's richest sesame ice cream.

The shop is a collaboration with 'Kuki Sangyo,' a 133 year-old sesame producer, and the resulting boba drink is unlike anything available anywhere else. The amazing scent and richness from the black sesame is complemented by a wonderful sweetness from traditional 'kuromitsu' brown sugar syrup.

Availability:May 18th, 2019~unspecified
Shop:'GOMAYA KUKI' Omotesando
Price:Black Sesame Tapioca Latte ¥650

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