Updated: June 14, 2019
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Mouth-watering, Authentic Taiwanese Food in Tokyo|TenTen Kitchen


Ten Ten Kitchen is a Taiwanese restaurant that will let you want to taste every day. The restaurant, hidden away in Setagaya, on the outskirts of Tokyo, has always featured authentic Taiwanese food. The cooks skillfully use Japanese ingredients in combination with Taiwanese cooking techniques to create delectable dishes.

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An authentic and tasteful Taiwanese restaurant

If you don't look carefully, you won't realize that it's a Taiwanese restaurant. The exterior looks like a very tasteful family restaurant, which is not what you might have expected!
Inside, the atmosphere is relaxed, and great for bringing family and friends for a nice meal together.

It takes a little bit of effort to find the amazing taste.

The chef at Ten Ten Kitchen has more than 10 years of experience, and is very professional about cooking. He is very passionate about Taiwanese cuisine, and has a goal of bringing original, authentic Taiwanese cuisine Japan. Unlike many restaurants that change the style and flavor of their cooking to try to match local tastes, the chef here is insistent on delivering real, delicious, authentic Taiwanese dishes. He believes that everyone will enjoy the flavors, whether they're local or a tourist.
If you want to eat authentic Taiwanese food, this is the place to come! It's a great spot for family dinner, a meal with friends, or a romantic date. There is a certain sense of relaxation at Ten Ten Kitchen that is less common to find in a Japanese restaurant.

A menu that changes daily!


Oyster Omelet (¥ 1100 )

I think most people are probably already familiar with this dish! This is one of the famous traditional Taiwanese dishes, the 'Oyster Omelet.' It's hard to find an authentic one outside of Taiwan, but here it is in Tokyo! Whole oysters are mixed into a thick batter made with fresh eggs. The omelette is topped with the chef's special family recipe sauce. Take a bite, and you'll understand why this is one of the most popular Taiwanese dishes!

Pork Fillet (¥1300)

This fried, crispy pork fillet is supremely soft and juicy! Unlike a Japanese pork cutlet, this one has a thin skin that almost cracks as you eat it. It's obvious that a lot of work went into the creation of this masterpiece, and the moment you first bite into it, the juice from the perfectly cooked meat fills your mouth with flavor. It's served with lettuce, which is the perfect accompaniment, providing a fresh contrast to the meaty flavor.

Bamboo shoot (¥1100)

Cold-cut bamboo shoots are very refreshing to eat, and Japan has some of the best in the world! Dipped in olive oil and pepper sauce, the bamboo is sweet and juicy, and not at all bitter. This dish goes great with a cold beer!

Other recommended meals

Mabo tofu is a comfort food that can be whipped up quickly! Hot tofu and ground meat meet white rice, creating a spicy and refreshing taste that is unique to fresh Ma Po tofu. This is a must-try dish if you've never had it before!
Braised Pork is another very common dish in Taiwanese cuisine, and one of that Taiwan does better than anywhere else. The tender meat and sweet taste will bring tears of joy to your eyes!

Hand-made sauces (¥800 ~ ¥1000)

You can bring home the taste of Ten Ten Kitchen by buying one of their hand-made sauces!
Ten Ten Kitchen doesn't hide their secret recipes, rather they offer some of their special house-made sauces for sale. There are a limited quantity available, but if you ask and are lucky, you can buy one to take home!

In closing

Ten Ten Kitchen is a fantastic place to enjoy real, authentic Taiwanese food. You'll want to eat there every day! The chef has managed to bring an authentic Taiwanese flavor to Tokyo without compromising, and the delicious dishes are bound to please most people!
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