Updated: June 20, 2019
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[Tokyo] Three Unique Cafés Worth Checking Out!


Tokyo is a city with a great café culture, and there are hundreds of quality cafés throughout the city worth exploring. Today, we're introducing 3 unique cafés where you can get amazing latte art, awesome food, or awesome café deserts. Enjoy!

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Three Unique Cafés in Tokyo

The above video is a visual summary of the shops covered below. Check out the beautiful colored latte art at the beginning of the film. This is very rare!
Below are the written descriptions of the cafes.



Latte (¥390)

Roar Coffee House & Roastery is a small and trendy cafe that is only about 3 minutes by foot from Hatchobori Station on the Hibiya Line. This cafe was chosen as one of the top 50 best cafes in Tokyo according to the much read Time Out Tokyo magazine! The beans are roasted in-house every week, and the owner is very particular about the appearance and taste of the lattes.

The coffee specialists make the beautiful latte art by inserting the color directly in the milk foam. For those who would like to enjoy latte art, there are two types to choose from. You can choose a standard latte or a "white latte," which is a latte that is served with the espresso separately. This way, the latte art is poured onto a "blank canvas," and you add the espresso in yourself!

'Hot Dog' (¥280)

caIn addition to the special latte, this hot dog is also worth recommending. They use the toaster to bake the bread until crispy and delicious, and then add relish. The refreshing taste is great after a rich latte! If you just want a quick afternoon snack, this is a great way to fill your stomach.


Just a short 3 minute walk from Ebisu, this is a stylish cafe that serves great coffee and Mediterranean food. Grove's focus is on healthy, locally-produced food, and they cooperate with many farms in Tokyo to get fresh produce to use in their dishes. In addition to the delicious coffee drinks, there is a menu of fresh fruit and vegetable juices that is also worth exploring!

Beet Hummus(¥1,200)

The cafe's specialty menu item is the hummus, which is popular with people all over the world because of its simple delicious taste and health benefits. If you've never heard of hummus, it's basically a paste made from chickpeas, tahini, and olive oil. Grove has 5 kinds of hummus, including the one shown above, which incorporates beets for a deep flavor and pink color. If you've never tried Mediterranean food, I think you'll be impressed by how light and delicious it is.

Pizza (¥1,200)

The wood-fired pizzas are crispy on the edges and soft on the inside. One of the cafe's recommended pizzas is the 'Mushroom and Truffle' (1800 yen) which consists of mushroom, goat cheese, rosemary, and truffle oil.


Monsoon cafe is a southeast Asian-inspired restaurant with 10 locations in and around Tokyo. The concept of Monsoon Cafe is a "tropical paradise, tucked away from the bustling city," and the decoration of each location definitely provides that vibe! This is a great place to come to grab a meal, or just enjoy some southeast Asian-inspired deserts!
Monsoon Cafe is currently having a "Summer Mango Fair," and they are offering four exciting, seasonal Mango-based deserts are on sale through the end of August. If you're a mango fan, this is worth checking out! The 'Mango Halo Halo' is particularly refreshing and is our top recommendation.

In Closing

This has been a brief introduction to 3 unique cafes in Tokyo worth checking out! Whether you want amazing latte art, awesome food, or delicious deserts in a tropical-themed cafe, these are some great picks. Happy café-ing!

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