Updated: June 20, 2019
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Donburi in a Can! 'Yoshinoya' is Now Selling Canned Rice Bowls


'Yoshinoya' is a well-known chain restaurant that specializes in donburi(rice bowls) at a super cheap price. The restaurant recently began selling canned versions of their donburi, which can be eaten at room temperature without any cooking!

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Donburi in a Can!

Yoshinoya is known as a popular place for salarymen to grab a quick and cheap meal. The restaurant specializes in 'donburi' rice bowls, and has extremely low prices (the normal size beef bowl is just ¥352, for example).

Recently, the brand began selling canned versions of their most popular menu items online! The cans require no cooking at all, and can be eaten at room temperature, or warmed in hot water if preferred.
The cans say '非常用保存食,' which means 'emergency-use preserved food,' but are apparently quite tasty. The size is not much larger than a standard tuna can and contains 160 grams of food, so the portion is pretty small. However, it could make for a nice snack or a luxurious emergency meal in case of a natural disaster.

The cans come in 6 flavors: gyudon (beef bowl), beef yakiniku bowl, butadon (pork bowl), pork ginger bowl, yakitori (chicken), and yaki shio saba (grilled mackerel bowl). The cans are being sold on Yoshinoya's website in packs of 6 for ¥4,860. (At the time of writing, all are unfortunately sold out!)

For now, it seems like the products are only being sold in Japan via the Yoshinoya website, but who knows--maybe the canned meals will be available in grocery stores across the world in the future! We can only hope.
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