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[Tokyo] Fico & Pomum: Fresh Smoothies and Sandwiches (Vegan Options!) [PR]


Fico & Pomum Juice is a self-proclaimed "healthy fast food" cafe, serving up divinely fresh smoothies, juices, and sandwiches. If you're looking for a refreshing pick-me-up or a vegan-friendly meal, this is an awesome shop in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama neighborhood!

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Fico & Pomum Juice Cafe, Aoyama, Tokyo

Located 4 minutes from Omotesando Station, Fico & Pomum Juice is a self-proclaimed "healthy fast food" cafe, serving up divinely fresh smoothies, juices, and sandwiches. This is the perfect spot to grab a quick and healthy breakfast, light and refreshing lunch, or nutritious afternoon treat to give you some energy to finish the rest of your day!
All of the smoothies, raw juices and sandwiches at Fico & Pomum are made from scratch using fresh fruits and veggies. The store says that '"fruits and vegetables are mother nature's gifts, and they can give us the most amazing natural nutrients." The obvious quality of the beverages and food here is proof of the effort that goes into the careful selection of the premium ingredients.

Amazing Smoothies

Strawberry Banana Smoothie, ¥520
Fico & Pomum's most popular smoothie is the classic strawberry and Banana. The flavorful yet simple smoothie is made from just five ingredients: strawberries, banana, yogurt, organic soy milk, and organic agave syrup. If you're not sure what to order, this is sure bet!
Kale Green Smoothie, ¥560
If you're looking for a smoothie that's packed with nutrients yet is fresh and citrusy, the Kale Green Smoothie is for you. This one is made from nutrient-dense kale and spinach, banana, parsley, grapefruit, and orange juice! It's energizing and bright, and will make you feel great!
Acaí Soy Smoothie, ¥590
Just four ingredients--acaí, banana, organic soy milk, and guarana syrup--make up this wonder smoothie. acaí and guarana are both Amazonian super fruits, and this smoothie combines them into mixture that will give you a boost!
Fico & Pomum Smoothie, ¥560
The shop's self-titled 'Fico & Pomum Smoothie' is made with fresh figs, dried figs, banana, yogurt, and 100% apple juice. It's smooth and naturally sweet, and is a wonderful choice.

Boost your smoothie!

Extras to boost your drink, ¥50 to ¥120
Fico & Pomum offers an awesome menu of extras that you can add to your smoothie for an extra boost! Try adding dried coconut to the strawberry banana smoothie, or spirulina powder to one of the green drinks for an extra boost of nutrients!

Raw Juice!

Fresh Raw Juice, ¥620
In addition to the outstanding smoothies, Fico & Pomum also serves a small menu of three raw juices that they press fresh, as soon as an order is placed. The juice is luxurious, refreshing, and packed with nutrients that will make you feel great.

The flavors are called 'Sunlight'(carrot, ginger, lemon, and apple), 'Lightgreen'(celery, kale, lemon, apple, and ginger), and 'Crimson'(beets, grapefruit, lemon, apple, and ginger).


Fico & Pomum has a menu of five hearty sandwiches that are made fresh to order. The sandwiches are crammed full of toppings, and are guaranteed to satisfy any appetite! Here are two examples:

The 'Fico & Pomum'

The 'Fico & Pomum Sandwich,' ¥860. Shown here with the 'Fico & Pomum Smoothie.'
This is the shop's signature sandwich. Juicy turkey breast, loads of avocado, thick-sliced cheese, and lettuce are packed between rye bread spread with the shop's homemade fig sauce. The sauce adds a wonderful acidity that complements the umami of the turkey and avocado.

Vegan Sandwich

Vegan Sandwich, ¥710
Being vegan in Japan can be tough! It's hard to find vegan food in Japan, but Fico & Pomum has you covered! This vegan sandwich is healthy but still satisfying, with avocados, cashews, tomatoes, and lettuce on sesame seed bread spread with olive oil and mustard. Vegans visiting Tokyo should definitely put this shop on their list!

Looking for a vegan-friendly breakfast or treat? How about this muffin plate?

Vegan Muffin Plate + Coffee Drink, ¥950
This muffin is soft, moist, and decadent. Oh, and vegan! It's made from rice flour, organic chia seeds, and organic agave syrup. It tastes too good to believe that it's actually good for you.
The muffin plate comes with a coffee and could make for a quick breakfast or an afternoon treat.

Fico & Pomum. Healthy Fast Food in Aoyama!

Fresh fruit for sale inside the shop
If you're in the Omotesando / Aoyama neighborhood, you've gotta stop by Fico & Pomum for a healthy and refreshing pick-me-up that will fill your body and spirit with goodness and energy! It's located just 4 minutes from the B2 exit of Omotesando Station and is in a great location for hanging out or doing some shopping. Check it out!
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