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All-You-Can-Eat Hokkaido-Style Feast at 'Hokkaido Beer Garden' Sapporo [PR]


'Hokkaido Beer Garden' is a spacious and clean restaurant in Sapporo with a stylish Hokkaido-esque design, and all-you-can-eat Hokkaido specialties including fresh Ghengis Khan (lamb barbecue), giant crab, and Hokkaido Wagyu (beef). This is the perfect place to get a quintessentially Hokkaido meal!

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Hokkaido Beer Garden

The deer antler chandelier in the entrance
If you're looking for the perfect place to enjoy a Hokkaido-style feast that will satisfy any appetite, you've got to check out 'Hokkaido Beer Garden' in Sapporo. The restaurant serves outstanding fresh Genhis Khan (lamb barbecue), seafood, including giant crab, and Hokkaido Kuroge Wagyu (premium beef) that you grill yourself. The awesome thing is that these premium ingredients are offered in all-you-can-eat 100-minute plans, meaning you can enjoy as much as you want!
The spacious and clean interior of the restaurant
The interior of Hokkaido Beer Garden is clean, stylish, and huge! The styling is modern, but with a Hokkaido flair that gives the place a unique vibe. There are many different types of seating available, including private rooms that can accommodate large parties. This is a great place to come, whether you're alone or with a whole group of friends and family!

Incredible All-You-Can-Eat Courses!

5-Type Genghis Khan Plan - ¥2,300

Hokkaido-Style Genghis Khan
This course features Genghis Khan, which is a tradition that is now spreading to other parts of Japan, but originally started in Hokkaido. This course gives you one hour and 40 minutes to grill and eat as much meat and vegetables as you want! The five meat options are:

-Fresh lamb (can be dipped in the house-made sauce)
-Marinated lamb (marinated overnight in a special ginger sauce)
-Mutton roll (has a richer, gamier taste that mutton lovers crave)
-Marinated pork Genghis Khan
-Marinated chicken Genghis Khan
As much fresh lamb as you can eat!
If you just want to try authentic Hokkaido-style Genghis Khan, this course is the best option! You can have as much meat, vegetables, and rice as you want, and your stomach will definitely be full at the end of the meal!

Genghis Khan + Wagyu plan - ¥4,300

As much beautifully marbled Hokkaido wagyu as you can eat!
This plan includes all of the items in the above plan, but adds Hokkaido-raised premium wagyu (beef) and fresh shrimp, scallop, and squid. At ¥4,300, the price is still quite reasonable, considering the quality of the ingredients that are included (and the fact that it's all you can eat!) The wagyu is beautifully marbled, supremely soft, and is interesting to eat alongside the lamb.
Premium lamb

Genghis Khan + Wagyu + Giant Crab plan - ¥6,300

As much Red King and Snow Crab as you can eat!
This plan includes all of the items in the above courses, but adds yet another layer of luxury with the inclusion of Red King Crab and Snow Crab, plus nigiri sushi! Crab is another Hokkaido specialty, and this is a wonderful way to enjoy as much crab as your heart desires!
This all-you-can-eat plan is truly decadent, and is an awesome chance to experience some of Hokkaido's best foods all in one meal. If it's within your budget, definitely go for this plan!

Only Available in Hokkaido: Sapporo Classic

Sapporo Classic, only available in Hokkaido
Beer is undoubtedly the best companion to Genghis Khan, and Hokkaido Beer Garden serves 'Sapporo Classic,' which can only be found in Hokkaido! The beer uses specialty hops, and is rich yet wonderfully refreshing. If you're unsure which beverage to order with your food, this is it! There are also all-you-can-drink plans that can be added to the meal, in case you feel like having more than just a couple drinks.

Visiting Hokkaido Beer Garden

One of the private rooms
Hokkaido Beer Garden is located right in downtown Sapporo, on the 9th floor of a building 3 minutes away from Susukino Station. You can also access it via a 5 minute walk from Odori Station.
If you're planning to visit with a large party, it is advised to make a reservation in advance.

In Closing

Hokkaido Beer Garden is an awesome option for experiencing several Hokkaido specialties in one place! It's reasonably-priced, clean, comfortable, and easy to access. Next time you're in Hokkaido, give it try!
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