Updated: June 27, 2019
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【Hokkaido 】Burgers Only Available in Hakodate: 'Lucky Pierrot'


When it comes to Hokkaido's Hakodate, most people likely think of seafood or other fresh Hokkaido specialties. However, the one restaurant that shouldn't be missed in the southern Hokkaido city is a local burger chain called Lucky Pierrot. Just what is the magic of this shop? Read on to find out.

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The history of Lucky Pierrot

Lucky Pierrot, founded in 1987, was originally created by an entrepreneur named Mr. Wang Yilang (yes, that's his real name) with the goal of spreading the joy of the local burger! One of mr. Yilang's famous sayings is: "あなたの明日は今日よりもっと良くなります," which means: "Your tomorrow will be better than today!"
This sentence has been circulating in the Lucky Pierrot burger shop for more than half a century.
There are 17 Lucky Pierrot shops in Hakodate, despite a small population of just over a quarter million! The signature of the chain is that each store has a different style, and the decor is very unique! Walking into the store is like walking into another time and space. The retro vibe makes enjoying the awesome food all the more fun!

Must-eat menu items in Lucky Pierrot


Chinese Chicken Burger (350 yen +tax)

The chicken meat of the super juicy and tender 'Hokkaido Ida' is used to make this crispy chicken burger. Adding cheese is recommended to give it a rich, wonderfully satisfying taste that can only be found here in Hakodate.

Original Lucky-Potato (320yen+tax)

These fries are also one of the must-try menu items. The signature French fries are covered with hot cheese and served in a coffee mug, giving you a warm, at-home feeling when you eat them. The fries are cut thick, creating the perfect potato to cheese ratio that is irresistibly addictive.

Other recommendations

In case you're not a burger person, there's also a delicious menu of other milk curry rice and donburi items as well! Anything here is tasty, and it's a place you can come back to again and again to try out other menu items.

Chinese Chicken Curry Rice (700yen+tax)

Going to a burger shop to eat curry rice might seem strange, but the curry here is so good that many customers come specifically to eat the curry rice! The rich curry has been cooked for a long time, and has a wonderful aroma and flavor. This is my non-burger recommendation!


This burger shop definitely has its own unique style, and it apparently does not plan to expand to other parts of Japan. Lucky Pierrot is a Hakodate specialty that is definitely a place to try when visiting Hokkaido!
If you're in Hakodate and planning to visit Lucky Pierrot, check out their website for information on the shop locations:
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