Updated: July 02, 2019
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[Ebisu] Luxury Private Counter Sushi Experience at 'Sushi-Tei Den'


Sushi-Tei Den is a newly opened high-end sushi counter in Ebisu, Tokyo. The restaurant serves sushi and tsumami that utilize premium seasonal ingredients prepared in a way that brings out maximum flavor and umami. There is a 9-seat counter, and a 5-seat counter that can be reserved for private use.

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Sushi-Tei Den

'Sushi-Tei Den' is a sushi counter in Ebisu, Tokyo which serves Edomae style sushi in a classy and stylish setting. The restaurant just opened in April, 2019, and has been very well received.
The head chef, Tanaka Wataru, is a seasoned veteran in the sushi world, and has many years of experience working at high-end sushi restaurants in Ginza and Roppongi, including a Michelin star-rated restaurant. He is now in not only in charge of 'Sushi-Tei Den,' but also of teaching a cohort of young, aspiring chefs who are training at the 'Ebisu Academy,' of which 'Sushi-Tei Den' is one of training grounds.
The focus at 'Den' is on premium, seasonal ingredients prepared in a manner which brings out their maximum flavor. As such, the menu will always be changing, but the standard of high quality and freshness will always be the same.
The menu at 'Den' consists of one omakase course, which means that everything is left up to the masterful chef. The course includes 14 pieces of sushi and 8 side dishes, and is a luxurious and thoroughly satisfying meal that is a joy to experience.
Fatty Tuna (鮪脂身)
Chef Tanaka
The restaurant has one 9-seat sushi counter, and another smaller, 6-seat counter that can be reserved for a private sushi counter meal. If you have a party of 6 or fewer people, this is an incredible way to experience a high-end sushi dinner in a very intimate setting.
Uni (雲丹)
The freshness of the ingredients, such as this Hokkaido uni (sea urchin) really shine. Each bite is balanced and full of umami.
Kuruma prawn(車海老)
Trough shell (青柳)
Less common ingredients, such as this aoyagi are masterfully prepared, and are interesting and delicious to eat.
Temakimaki Egg (手巻き巻き)
The sushi is finished with an egg, as is traditional. The egg here has a pleasant cake-like texture, but is not overly sweet.
The entire ¥15,000 omakase course
The above photograph shows the full omakase course. It's a full meal, to be sure, but the portions of each dish are perfectly sized so that you feel full but not overly so. It's a thorough meal that lets you taste many varying flavors and textures, and leaves you utterly satisfied.

Accessing 'Sushi-Tei Den'

Sushi-Tei Den is located about 8 minutes away from JR Ebisu Station. It is slightly hidden away, located down a flight of stairs in the basement level of the building.
Reservations are required, as this is a fine dining establishment with limited seating. When you arrive, you'll need to ring the door bell to announce your arrival, and the extremely kind staff will greet you.
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