Updated: July 11, 2019
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"Omu-Ramen" (Omelette Ramen) at 'Kami no Te' [Koenji, Tokyo]


'Kami no Te' is a unique ramen restaurant in West Tokyo's Koenji neighborhood. The shop serves a variety of inventive ramen bowls that are exciting and unconventional. This time, I went to try out the very intriguing 'Omu-ramen,' which features an omelet atop a bowl of tomato bazil ramen!

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Koenji's 'Kami no Te'

'Kami no Te' is a local ramen restaurant located 3 minutes away from Shin-Koenji station. The restaurant specializes in inventive and creative ramen bowls that push the boundaries of the food. I had heard about Kami no Te's 'Omu-ramen,' and decided I wanted to see what it was all about.
Grilling the omelet
After ordering, the chef got to work preparing the bowl of ramen. There are a lot of toppings on this particular bowl, including a layer of lettuce, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, a slice of baguette, and roast beef. However, the most eye-catching topping is definitely the omelet, which was fried up on the teppan and added to the bowl last.
'Omu-Ramen,' ¥900
The finished bowl of ramen was a beautiful thing to behold! It was colorful and appetizing, and it smelled of tomato and fresh herbs.
The thick tomato-based soup
The first thing I tried was the lovely, fragrant soup. It's tonkotsu and tomato-based and seasoned with fresh basil. The soup is really flavorful and packed with umami, and is tasty enough to be eaten on its own.
The pasta-like noodles
The noodles were less like springy ramen noodles and more like pasta. They were thick, flat, and cooked perfectly, with a nice amount of chewiness. I was surprised at first, as I was expecting to see ramen noodles, but it made sense once I tried the noodles with the tomato-based soup.
The omelet
The omelet was fried nicely and was slightly browned on the outside, but runny on the inside. Egg and tomato is a surefire combination, and it really works well in this bowl of ramen.
Roast beef
Instead of chashu, the 'Omu-ramen' features three pieces of beautifully tender roast beef. This was a great decision by the chef, as it complements the flavors of the soup and egg wonderfully.
A baguette slice
Adding to the pasta feel of the ramen bowl was this baguette slice. I think it was mostly for decoration, but it made for some tasty dipping into the tomato soup.
After taking a few bites, the chef offered a bottle of sriracha sauce, which he recommended for changing the flavor of the soup. I tried it out and was very pleased with the resulting flavor! The sriracha adds a wonderful tang and a bit of heat that works beautifully with the flavors in the bowl.

Once finishing all the toppings and noodles, I was happy to eat the rest of the soup in the bowl, as it was flavorful and not overly salty like some ramen broths. Overall it was a very unorthodox bowl of ramen, but very satisfying and delicious in its own way.

'Kami no Te' - a Ramen Izakaya

Unlike most ramen shops that focus on offering a quick, in-and-out meal, 'Kami no Te' operates more like a "ramen izakaya," and offers a variety of drinks and side items that can be enjoyed while relaxing late into the evening. Many people end up going to eat a bowl of ramen after drinking anyway, but here, you can do both in the same place! The shop is closed on Tuesdays, but otherwise is open until 2:00 am every night except for Sunday, when it closes at 12:30. It's an awesome place to hang out, get some drinks, and eat some delicious ramen!


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