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Holiday lunch buffet with main dish from ¥1,980 at Re:Dine Ginza! [PR]


Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant, re:Dine GINZA, is introducing a delectable and healthy lunch-time Holiday Buffet. Enjoy 50 kinds of fresh salads and side dishes along with your main order!

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Holiday lunch buffet with 50 menu items to choose from at re:Dine GINZA

Centrally located in fashionable Ginza (1-minute walk from the C8 exit of Ginza station), re:Dine GINZA is now offering a delightful holiday lunch buffet (available on weekends and national holidays only).

Order a main dish from ¥1,980 (taxes not included) and you can enjoy all-you-can-eat fresh salads and side dishes from the buffet (which includes around 50 items).
Most of the items are made from pesticide-free, organic, top-quality domestic ingredients, so for anyone looking for flavourful healthy foods, this buffet will not disappoint. The dressings for the salads are also made from quality oils and natural seasonings. You'll taste the difference!
'Holiday Buffet' details

One main dish of your choice which gives you access to the 50-item buffet of salads and side dishes.
¥1,980 or ¥2,480 (taxes not included) ※prices are subject to change
■Available on:
Weekends and national holidays
From 11:30 to 15:00 ※You can enter the restaurant until 14:00 and the last order is at 14:30

Introducing three original main dishes comprising delectable meats cooked sous-vide!

Duck Roast and Paté de Campagne + all-you-can-eat buffet (¥1,980, taxes not included)
This dish includes 3-centimeter thick pieces of duck roast that have been cooked sous-vide for two to three hours, which makes the meat incredibly tender. The pieces are then briefly cooked at a high temperature making the skin crispy. You'll love the combination of textures as well as the taste!

As for the paté de campagne made of duck, raisins and walnuts, it's full-bodied, rich and fragrant.
Rare Cuts of Japanese Beef Cooked Sous-vide + all-you-can-eat buffet (¥2,480, taxes not included)
With this dish, you get two slices of beef totalling 100 grams. Not only is it Japanese beef known internationally for its quality, but the cuts used here especially rare (including chuck tender, H-bone). The meat is very tender and, to give it even more natural savouriness, a light gravy sauce made from the juices of the meat during cooking is added on top.
Wagyu Ramen + all-you-can-eat buffet (¥1,980, taxes not included)
You're likely never to have had ramen of this quality! The soup is light, yet umami-packed from a mixture of chicken and fish stock, and the toppings include nothing less than cuts of wagyu cooked sous-vide. This is a must-try for any ramen lover.

Kids' menu also available

Japanese Curry + all-you-can-eat buffet (¥900, taxes not included)
Re:Dine GINZA also has a kids' menu of four items that includes this popular house-made Japanese Curry (pictured above). Elementary school-aged children can't get enough of this slightly sweet and savoury dish. Bring your whole family along to re:Dine GINZA!

In closing...

Considering the prime location of the restaurant, the quality ingredients used in every dish, and the healthy all-you-can-eat buffet that comes along with your main order, you really get a bang for your buck at re:Dine GINZA's Holiday Buffet. Make sure to give it a try next time you're in the area.
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