Updated: July 04, 2019
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The Most Orignal Japanese Pizzas From Pizza Hut Japan

Love or hate them, here are some Pizza Hut pizzas that you can only find in Japan.

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Pizza Hut Japan

Pizza Hut is one of the major pizza chain restaurants in Japan with over 400 locations across the country. Their standard pizzas are not much different than what you would get in the U.S., but there are some local adaptations that might surprise you (e.g. mayonnaise as a topping!). Here are some that you might want to try!

EbiMayoMentai Seafood (海老マヨ明太シーフード)

This is a total oddity for those who are only familiar with standard American pizza toppings. Imagine a pizza topped with shrimps, squid, corn, parsley, spicy cod roe cream sauce, and... mayonnaise. Yep, that's exactly what it is. As strange as it may seem to many foreigners, this pizza is actually one of the most popular ones in Japan. Many non-Japanese seem to be put off the most by the mayonnaise. As for the other ingredients, they actually go really well together. Spicy cod roe is particularly tasty in my opinion. You should give this one a try, unless the mayonnaise is an absolute deal breaker.

Charcoal-grilled Beef Rib (炭火焼きビーフカルビ)

Are you familiar with yakiniku? It's a very popular style of BBQ in Japan, where you grill slices of meat at your table and enjoy them with a soy-based dipping sauce. Yakiniku meat is incredibly tasty, and that's what you get as a topping on this one and some others, along with bell pepper, onions, garlic and Chili pepper. You probably can't go wrong with this one if you love the standard American pizza and don't want something too foreign.

Grilled Teriyaki-Mayo Chiken (直火焼テリマヨチキン)

Teriyaki chicken is one of the most popular foods of Japanese cuisine, and using it as a topping on a pizza is not a bad idea at all! The little black sticks you see on the picture above are shredded nori seaweed. You might find this topping a bit strange but actually, the umami tastes of cheese and seaweed are similar, so nori goes well on a pizza because it enhances the deep savouriness, without adding too many calories too. This one also has mayonnaise, which again isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Idaho style Potato & Mayo Sausage (アイダホ風ほっくりポテマヨ)

This one is apparently inspired by a local specialty in Idaho that consists of adding chunks of potatoes on the pizza. I'm not aware that potato pizza topping is that popular in the U.S., but it is in Japan. From a nutritional point of view, it seems like an odd combination, as pizza is already very rich in carbs from the crust. Pizza Hut Japan takes it a step further by adding corn to this one too. It also has some slices of wiener sausages, which Japanese are extremely fond of. Oh, and this one also has that mayonnaise sauce.

Tuna Mild (ツナマイルド)

This one is part of the value lineup. The particularity of it is its tuna topping, as you've probably guessed from the name. Japanese are huge tuna consumers, and they love it whether it's used raw in sushi or in this case, cooked as a pizza topping. It also has some slices of bacon, onions and corn. According to Pizza Hut Japan's official website, this one is also very popular.

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Enjoy some Japanese pizzas!

If you're in Japan, especially in big city, you're bound to find a Pizza Hut near you. So why not give these original pizzas a try. It's also easy to order from the official website in English. See the link below if you'd like to order.
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