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Gyusho: a Rare Tokyo Yakiniku Restaurant Serving Miyazaki Wagyu!


Premium beef from Miyazaki Prefecture, in the southeastern part of Kyushu is some of the most highly-regarded in Japan. Even in the giant metropolis of Tokyo, there are very few locations specialing in the beef. One such restaurant is called 'Gyusho,' and should be on every meat-lovers list!

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Mizaki Wagyu; Good Enough for the Celebrities at the Academy Awards!

This February, the after party of the 91st Academy Awards in Hollywood featured 'Miyazaki Beef' for the 2nd year in a row. This goes to show just how highly-regarded Miyazaki beef is, considering that it was carefully selected to be served to Hollywood's top celebrities.

Even in Tokyo, the number of restaurants serving beef from Miyazaki is extremely few. One shop that does, however, is called 'Gyusho,' and is located in a small west-Tokyo neighborhood called Chitose-Karasuyama.

From the outside, there's nothing at all fancy about the restaurant, and it is mostly unknown to anyone other than locals (for now).

Delectable Starters: 'Miyazaki Beef Tataki' and 'Braised Beef Tendon'

Miyazaki Wagyu Tataki, ¥1,200
The first thing we tried was the 'Tataki,' which is raw beef that has been seared on the outside. The restaurant uses different cuts of meat depending on the day, but today was flank steak. As soon as it enters your mouth, the delicious fat begins melting and the sweetness of the Miyazaki soy sauce and umami of the meat combine for a divine mouthful of flavor.
Braised Beef Tendon, ¥1,200
Next was the Braised Beef Tendon 'Gyu Suji Nikomi.' Some yakiniku experts like to say that the deliciousness of a yakiniku restaurant can be judged by the deliciousness of their nikomi, so this was a must-order item.
The nikomi here is pure beef tendon, with some green onions added on top. It's dead simple, yet exectued perfectly, and the meat falls apart as you eat it.

Superior Marbling Gives the Meat a Beautiful Sweetness

Choice Kalbi, ¥2,300
The superior marbling of Mizakai beef is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated! The kalbi (boneless short rib), rib roast, and tenderloin are all outstanding examples of this magical marbling. The kalbi, in particular, is special. On the menu, it is listed simply as 'Choice Kalbi,' but in reality, it is thinly cut slices of 'Zabuton' (chuck flap), a rare, and highly-prized cut of meat from the cow's shoulders. This is a must-try, for sure.
Premium Skirt Steak, ¥1,900
This 'Premium Skirt Steak' is also worth ordering. Skirt steak isn't normally thought of as the most delicious cut of meat, but here it is smooth and delicious.
The meat is grilled for a longer time than the other more delicate cuts of meat, making it satisfying to bite into. It's excellent with rice or dipped into the miso dipping sauce that spectacularly brings out the umami.

A Great Way to End the Meal

Premium Broiled Meat Sushi, (2 pieces) ¥1,400
After eating lots of barbecued meat, it's nice to finish the meal with something a little lighter.

First, we had the 'Premium Broiled Meat Sushi.' The delicate slice of premium meat has been lightly torched and is topped with grated daikon radish soaked in ponzu. It's an absolutely delicious bite that is delicate and balanced.
The last thing we tried was Gyusho's most popular after-meat item, the 'Warm Yukkejan Noodles.' Although it looks very hot, it's actually just the right amount of spice. The flavorful broth is filled with pieces of meat and thin kishimen noodles. It's really the perfect way to end a yakiniku meal and is definitely recommended.

'Gyusho.' Tokyo's Hidden Gem of a Yakiniku Restaurant

The clean yet cozy interior
What's the secret to the deliciousness of this restaurant?
It has to be in the quality of the menu that only a Miyazaki Beef specialist like Gyusho can provide. Other than the meat, most of the other ingredients used are also from Miyazaki, including the rice, soy sauce, and other seasonings.
It's a special restaurant that is actually priced very reasonably, considering the quality of the highly-prized meat used.
The only downside is the location, which is slightly inconvenient to access. The shop is about a 20-minute walk from the nearest train station or can be accessed by bus. However, the meal is definitely worth the effort and is a must-try for meat lovers.
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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