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Original and Delicious Curry at 'Planet of Curry' in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo


Located 5 minutes from Shimokitazawa Station in southwest Tokyo, 'Planet of Curry' (カレーの惑星) is a small curry shop that has gained popularity for the beautiful and original curry dishes it serves. The chef uses colorful ingredients such as edible flowers to decorate the unique-tasting curries, making typically plain dishes into visually appealing plates! If you're interested in trying a curry that's a little different than the norm, head to Shimokitazawa to check this place out!

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Photogenic Curry Plates in Tokyo's Shimokitazawa Neighborhood

Double Curry Plate, ¥1,380
'Planet of Curry' in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo is a special curry shop indeed. The chef uses colorful ingredients such as edible flowers to decorate the curries, making typically plain dishes into visually appealing and delicious creations! If you're interested in trying a curry that's a little different than the norm, head to Shimokitazawa to check this place out!

The Storefront Looks like a Photography Shop, But a Step Inside Reveals...

This small and quaint shop is located 5 minutes walking from Shimokitazawa Station. The retro canopy sign above the door is unchanged from when the shop used to be a Fujicolor photo studio. However, the wonderful scent of curry spices wafting from the doorway indicates that this is a restaurant, not a photo studio!
Stepping inside, the atmosphere is bright and warm, with a theme of orange, brown, and white colors. The tiny shop has a 3-seat counter and three 2-person tables. The open kitchen design makes it feel cozy and comfortable like you're being cooked for in someone's home.

Unique Spices are Utilized in the Homemade Curry!

The shop's famous dish is its 'Nishu Mori Curry,' which allows the customer to choose two of the 4 curries on offer. We went with a sweet '2-Bean and Seasonal Veggies Potage Curry' and a spicier 'Scorched Ground Meat Spicy Keema.'
The owner of 'Planet of Curry' is originally from France, and wanted to offer a curry with a slightly different taste than the average curry. The curry here uses more than 10 different spices, including less commonly used spices such as cinnamon!
The curry comes with 3 small side dishes (on the same plate). Today was pickled carrots, marinated purple cabbage, and 'Raita,' a traditional Indian dish consisting of yogurt and veggies. The freshness and sourness of the sides balance the spiciness of the curry, making it easy to eat without being overwhelmed by spice.
The dish is topped with a sprinkling of edible flower petals, adding color and life to the appearance of the dish. It really is quite visually appealing, and customers apparently come from all around the area to eat here and take a picture for their Instagram page.
However, the appearance isn't the only appeal of this curry. The gentle and sweet '2-Bean and Seasonal Veggies Potage Curry' has a rounded and mild flavor, that is very pleasant and suitable for those who don't like too much spice. The 'Spicy Scorched Ground Meat Keema,' on the other hand, is spicy enough to work up a sweat! It's definitely more suited for someone who can handle a little spice, and is full of wonderful spice notes. Mixing the two together creates a nice balance of spice and sweetness that is very enjoyable in its own right.

Perfect With a Cold Beer! The Spicy 'Mountain of Potato'

Spicy Potato Mountain, ¥280
One of the popular side items is the 'Spicy Potato Mountain,' which is a potato salad made with a mixture of 2 curries.
It's fairly spicy but impossible to stop munching on because of its wonderful smoothness and spice. Apparently many people like to order this as an appetizer to go with a beer while waiting for their curry main dish.

Try a New Kind of Curry at 'Planet of Curry!'

The hand-written curry menu
Next time you feel like curry, why not head to Shimokitazawa to experience the charm of this cute and unique curry restaurant for yourself?
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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