Updated: July 09, 2019
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2 Really Delicious Conveyor Belt Sushi Restos In Fancy Ginza


Looking for converyor belt sushi (kaiten sushi, sushi train) in Ginza? Good! Because these two restaurants are arguably the best there is for the genre.

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Kaitenzushi Nemuro Hanamaru Ginza Location

Ginza is a prime sushi gourmet spot in Tokyo. It also happens to be one of the fanciest, most expensive districts of the city, hence the sushi you'll find in Ginza is mostly high-end. If you're looking for a casual and affordable conveyor belt sushi, rest assured because there are two great options!

One of them is Kaitenzushi Nemuro Hanamaru, Hanamaru for short, which is a restaurant that is part of a chain that was born in Nemuro, Hokkaido. In Japan, Hokkaido is synonymous with the best seafood, and that's where most of the neta (sushi toppings) are directly delivered from.

Hanamaru has 10 locations in Hokkaido and just three in Tokyo. Although it's not a large chain, it's well-known across the country for having affordable sushi of unbeatable quality for the price. Hanamaru is such an iconic symbol of Hokkaido that you'll often see tourists from outside the prefecture at the Sapporo or Nemura locations. Luckily, you don't have to travel way up north to enjoy Hanamaru's quality sushi because they have a conveyor belt sushi-type branch right in the heart of Ginza!

You can taste the season's at Hanamaru's because they change their menu based on what is available and tasty at the moment. They really care about the freshness too, and some of the best sushis to enjoy at Hanamaru are the following:

1) The salmon sushi - Salmon is a specialty of Hokkaido. The ones you can enjoy at Hanamaru are are a bit different than elsewhere because the sashimi is from young fish.

2) Hirame (flounder) Kombu Shime - This one is from flounder that was aged to allow a stronger umami.

3) Matsubu kai (sea snail) - A kind of sea snail that you can't generally find at other restaurants.

4) New Ginger Japanese Sardine - The combination of the fresh domestic ginger and Japanese sardine is exquisite.

5) Agari Bonito - A kind of Bonito sashimi served topped with various condiments.

You shouldn't go wrong with anything you order there but the above five are the store's recommendation.

Kaiten Sushi Sakaba Numazuko

The only other, but also excellent conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Ginza is this one. It's called Kaiten Sushi Sakaba Numazuko, Numazuko for short.

The freshness at Numazuko is outstanding for a sushi restaurant that is relatively cheap. The most affordable menu items that you can have start at just ¥90 (egg sushi, cucumber sushi), and most of the rest is between ¥170 to ¥520.

There is one item that is more expensive than the rest at ¥1,000: the Mount Fuji Uni Sushi. The name says it all, as you get a mountain of sea urchin as a neta for your sushi. Uni is a delicacy that so many Japanese people love for its creamy texture and deeply savoury umami. Give it a try when you go! It's the restaurant's signature creation. Nowhere else can you can so much uni in one serving.

Another thing to note about Numazuko is that they have an all-you-can-eat option (120 min) This is very unusual for a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The price is ¥4,800 for men, ¥3,800 for women, and ¥1,900 for children. It's very worth it if you've worked up an appetite and you want to try all kinds of sushi without worrying about the price.

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