Updated: July 10, 2019
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Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar In Ginza Is Worth The Try!


Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar is a nice reasonably-priced option for Ginza for either lunch or dinner. Find out why the restaurant is so popular.

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Shari The Tokyo

Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar in Ginza is a well-regarded restaurant located near the Ginza Itchome station. It's very popular with the locals, but also with tourists thanks to a staff that is very hospitable to non-Japanese speakers (menus in English are also available).

Wafu modern atmosphere

Shari has a spacious interior with some 70 seats in the main dining area. There's also a stylish counter where you can see the chefs in action for a kind of Edomae experience (traditional Tokyo way of eating sushi for which the chef serves the sushi directly to you). And if you'd like a more intimate setting, you can reserve a private room that can accommodate 2-12 people.

The design is very stylish and modern yet, it draws from traditional Japanese aesthetics (what is known as 'wafu'). The result is a very relaxing atmosphere perfect for a prolonged dining experience in good company.

Japanese cuisine with global influences

The food is essentially 'washoku' (traditional Japanese) based, but with elements from abroad as well. For instance, one of their signature dishes is their California rolls. These are not commonly found in Japan where most sushi is served 'nigiri' style (ball of rice topped with sashimi).

Affordable lunch specials

For a sushi restaurant in Ginza, the prices at Shari are surprisingly reasonable. Lunch specials are between ¥1,400 to ¥5,000.
You can get the popular Shari Gozen for ¥1,700 that includes: a set of eight sushi rolls, a vegetable side dish, seasonal chawanmushi (savoury egg custard), duck roast with ponzu sauce, deep fried taro potatoes, a dashi tamago (savoury Japanese omelette), fried lotus, a chicken salad, grilled fish, edamame, Japanese-style pickles, and a seasonal dessert.

Inspired by Japanese kaiseki cuisine, everything is so beautifully presented!

Dinner options

For dinner, one of the most popular dishes is the salmon and ikura (salmon roe) kamameshi (¥3,200). It's a pot of kama yaki rice with a generous amount of salmon and ikura as toppings. Ikura is a delicacy in Japan, and to get this amount of it in one dish is wonderful! Many people in Japan consider ikura to be their favourite sushi topping so you should try it if you haven't!
You can order a la carte up to 20 kinds of sushi rolls. The sashimi toppings are very fresh and tasty, and they have many original creations such as chicken rolls or grilled salmon rolls with yuzu. Even if you don't like sashimi, you will find some things that you like on their menu. The rolls vary in price from ¥200 to ¥350.

They also serve some fried foods tempura style, salads, ochazuke (Japanese style porridge), sashimi assortment plates, all kinds of delicate Japanese entrees, and many more!

Dinner course with free-flowing alcohol for ¥7,000

Note that if you want to enjoy all kinds of food without thinking too much what to choose, their courses are a great option. Not only do you get plenty of food, but they also include 3 hours of free-flowing alcohol.

Finish with a delectable dessert

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to try their popular tiramisu matcha (¥700)!

Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar is the kind of restaurant that can please everyone, and is an excellent mid-range price option in Ginza, so why not try it out next time you're in the area?
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