Updated: July 11, 2019
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Kuromon Market And The Street Foods You Should Try!

Osaka City

Enter the vibrant Kuromon Market for a street food experience unlike any other! Here's a guide to the famous market and some foods you might want to try.

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Kuromon Market

Osaka's food culture is so extraordinary that it has earned the city the nickname of 'tenka-no daidokoro' (天下の台所) which translates to The Kitchen of the Nation. So when in Osaka, you really miss out if you don't explore this cultural aspect of the city, and perhaps there is no better place than the Kuromon Ichiba (黒門市場), or Kuromon Market, to experience Osaka's rich history as the Kitchen of the Nation.

The market, which is basically a long shopping arcade with countless food stalls, is the ultimate 'tabearuki' (食べ歩き), or walking while eating, gourmet spot in the city! Every day, over 20,000 people, locals and tourists alike, pay a visit to the quaint and lively Kuromon Market.


Kuromon Market is very centrally located right next to Nipponbashi Station. Get out through Exit 10 and you'll be right next to it. It's also only a 10-minute walk to get there from Namba Station.

The foods

The market started out as a regional hub for the commerce of seafood, so to this day, shops that sell fresh seafood abound.
Freshly grilled seafood is a must have! Most people just eat them standing but some shops have small spaces where you can sit down and eat.
Here's a vendor torching a big scallop. These are about ¥400 to ¥700. Definitely try the ones cooked with butter!
These tiny octopuses on skewers will probably catch your attention. The head is actually stuffed with a Japanese quail egg, and the combination with the octopus cooked in a sweet and savoury tare sauce is exquisite! These are about ¥250. Japanese people like to have these with some alcohol.
BBQ-style grilled foods are not the only thing you can have. Try the stewed foods as well. This 'oden' stew with eggs, daikon radish, fishcakes, etc, is such a nice thing to have during the cold months of the year.
The seafood is incredible, but so is the meat! At a place called 'Nikuwa Kobeya' (肉は神戸屋), if you order more than 100g of meat, they will cook and season the wagyu beef you order on the spot so that you can enjoy it right away. You can even have Kobe Beef that way!
You can also find at Kuromon Market some tasty fruits and vegetables. Have the fruits BBQ cooked on skewers and they'll taste even sweeter.
Have you ever had grilled Japanese sweet potatoes called 'yaki imo'? If not, you're missing out! On top of being tasty and having the perfect level of natural sweetness, they pack a nutritional punch!
These dango sticks are another traditional snack you might want to try. They're basically little mochis (rice balls) slowly grilled to perfection. What people like about these is their super springy texture.

Things to see but that you might not want to buy

If you're curious about foods, there are plenty of things that will pique your curiosity. These are real wasabi roots sold for ¥1,500 each. This might come as a surprise but you're likely to have never had real wasabi because the green paste served with sushi is actually horseradish dyed green. As you can see by the price, real wasabi is somewhat of a delicacy. The taste is less strong and more herbal than horseradish.
You can buy fugu (blowfish) at the market too. You really shouldn't though, unless you're a licenced professional fugu chef! The liver of these strange creatures have enough toxins to kill you many times over. Untrained people have died because of improper preparation of fugu. If you're still curious to try it, you'll be glad to know that you have virtually no chance of getting ill at a licenced fugu restaurant in Japan.


There are also some good food souvenirs to be bought at the market that can last a couple of days. Hope you enjoy your visit to this popular market! If all these street foods aren't enough for you, you might want to check out some good restaurants in the nearby Namba district.
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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