Updated: July 17, 2019
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Can You Finish This Giant 1kg Steak Bowl?! 'Takeru' [Akihabara]


'Takeru' in Tokyo's Akihabara offers some massive meat-filled donburi (rice bowls) for an absurdly low price (¥940 for more than one kilo of food!). Among those are the '1kg Hamburg Steak Tartar,' the 'Original Tokusei Steak Bowl,' and the 'Yukhoe-style Rare Steak Bowl, which we went to try today!

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'1 Pound Hamburg Steak Takeru' is awesome!

1kg Tokumori Steak Don!
'1 Pound Hamburg Steak Takeru' or 'Takeru' as we'll refer to it here is a meat-focused restaurant that started in Osaka, but now has 2 locations in Tokyo; one in Ueno, and one in Akihabara. The restaurant is serious about its meat! The stand-out item here is perhaps the 1 kg steak bowl, which can only be ordered by 5 customers per day! The 'Original Tokusei Steak Bowl' is served on odd-numbered days, while the 'Yukhoe-style Rare Steak Bowl' featured in this article is served on even-numbered days.

The Ginormous 'Yukhoe-style Rare Steak Bowl'

This is what a 1-kilo steak bowl looks like. The sheer volume of meat on the bowl is staggering! Apparently, there are about 600 grams of rice below the meat, and the rest of the toppings bring the total up to 1 kg.

There isn't a smaller size available, but the bowl can be ordered with less rice if preferred. Folks who are unsure if they can finish the whole bowl might want to consider this option.
This is the overhead view. Beautifully-cooked rare steak is piled on, leaving no nooks or crannies unfilled! The ¥940 price tag is quite unbelievable, considering how much meat you get!
The meat is rare and wonderfully soft, making it easy and refreshing to eat! There's a light flavoring on the meat, so you can eat it as is, without adding any sauce.
Eating through the meat on one half of the bowl reveals the white of the sunny side up egg. Breaking the yolk so that it runs into the rice and meat is also a great way to enjoy.
In case you get bored with the flavor, there is a whole tray of seasonings at your disposal to modify the taste as you please. Why not add some ponzu or fried garlic and chili oil?
Props if you can finish the whole bowl. It's a lot of food to be sure!


Lunchtime starts at 11:00. However, there are only 5 of the 1 kg steak bowls served per day, and people line up before the shop even opens. If you want to guarantee yourself a bowl, it's advised that you line up at around 10:20 am.

'Takeru' is located 5 minutes from JR Akihabara Station.
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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