Updated: July 18, 2019
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Where Can I Get a GREAT Burger in Tokyo?


Burgers are super hip these days in Tokyo, which is great because that means that good ones are surprisingly easy to find! Here's a quick rundown of 6 of the best burgers to be had in Tokyo. Enjoy!

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Henry's Burger [Akihabara]

Only 10 minutes by foot from Akihabara or about 3 minutes from Suehiro Station, you can find the fairly recently opened Henry's Burger! The first shop opened in Daikanyama and is so popular there is still a line-up in front of the store. The owner, Mr.Chuugen, carefully selects each cow to be certain of the quality. He chooses A5 rank Black cattle Wagyu (Japanese beef).
As the owner also manages a yakiniku restaurant, the parts that aren't fit for yakiniku but still have strong umami and flavor are made into these amazingly tender and juicy beef patties. This place has to be on every burger lover's list!

Whoopi Goldburger [Shibuya]

Whoopi Goldburger is a 4-minute walk from Shibuya Station, in the Miyamasuzaka area.
If you have a craving for burgers and have packed an appetite, come try the Charlotte Gainsburger made with 3 patties! It's the perfect burger, and then some! This super-size burger is made with three 130 g patties, for a whopping total of 390g of meat!

Whoopi Goldburger is a great place to come for lunch, but it's open until 12 midnight, so you can come late at night for dinner as well!
If you're craving a well-made and hearty burger, stop by Whoopi Goldburger for a satisfying meal!

Farms by Good Munchies [Harajuku]

'Farms by Good Munchies' is a brand new, gourmet burger restaurant that opened in June, 2019 in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood. The restaurant is the second location of a highly-regarded burger shop called 'Good Munchies,' with a focus on artisan ingredients and unbeatable service. The burgers use %100 American beef and are handmade in the restaurant every day. The other ingredients are carefully selected, with the buns being custom made at a local artisan bakery and the vegetables being delivered directly from the market.
A special ingredient that is incorporated into many of the menu items here is house-made ghee. Ghee, in case you didn't know, is clarified butter and is most commonly used in Indian cooking. Here, ghee is homemade in the restaurant by slowly heating fresh butter over low heat and straining out the impurities, leaving just the oil. The umami of the burgers is fantastic, and they're definitely worth trying.

Shogun Burger [Shinjuku]

Shogun burger opened its doors in Shinjuku Kabukicho on October 29, 2018! It is a burger joint managed by a popular yakiniku chain restaurant called House Dai Shogun. The beef patties are of great quality because they are 100% wagyu beef!
The patties are cooked "smashed-style" according to the restaurant. This means that they are pressed on the iron cooking surface so that the excess juices ooze out, leaving a more concentrated savory taste in the patty. For an epic burger experience, try the triple cheeseburger which comes served with a knife sticking out of it, as if a samurai had planted his sword into the burger. As the name implies, this one has three beef patties and three slices of cheese in between the buns.

Hungry Heaven [Meguro]

The motto of the restaurant is to make burgers "for hungry people", so you've probably guessed it, their burgers are huge. Not only that, but they're reasonably priced too! Located in Meguro, Hungry heaven is a must-go place for all you burger lovers!
One thing to mention about this restaurant is that they take lunch-hour orders until 4 PM, at which point they close until turning into a yakiniku restaurant in the evening from 18:00. So if you want to have the burger, you've got to go for lunch! The meat paddies of the burgers have a distinctive yakiniku flavor too, which is delicious.

Umami Burger [Aoyama]

Despite the inclusion of the Japanese word 'umami' in the name of this restaurant, 'Umami Burger' is actually originally a California burger store. It is so well-regarded that it was even featured in a TIME magazine article as one of the most outstanding burger restaurants in the world. Japanese people and foreign tourists alike flock to this store in Aoyama, Tokyo.
The thick meat patties are super juicy, and the grain of the meat is pretty coarse. It's both meaty and tender, and above all, super juicy! Another awesome component of these burgers is the slightly sweet bun which is made with some milk.
In addition to the fantastic burgers, Umami Burger also offers some unique and delicious milkshakes that are piled high with toppings and worth of a post to Instagram!


The above burgers are some of the best "craft" burgers in Tokyo. However, if you've never tried Japan's beloved burger chains 'Mos Burger' or 'Freshness Burger,' you should definitely put them on your list to try at least once. There are some interesting items to be had there, such as the 'Yakiniku Burger' at Mos Burger, which is slices of thinly-cut beef on a bun of cooked white rice, or the 'Spam Burger' at Freshness Burger, which is just what it sounds like.

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