Updated: October 10, 2018
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5 Places to eat Okinawa Soba (noodles) in Okinawa


Okinawa soba is one of the famous Okinawa cuisines in Japan. There are many places where you can enjoy their local Okinawa noodles around tourism places!

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What is Okinawa Soba (noodles)?

Okinawa soba is probably the most famous Okinawan food among Japanese people. Although in the rest of Japan, "soba" usually refers to buckwheat noodles, in Okinawa it is more similar to ramen noodles or udon.
In Okinawa, they use noodles that are similar to Chinese noodles, and generally, tonkotsu (pork) and bonito are used for the soup. There are a lot of variations among each region in Okinawa. For toppings, spear ribs or pork meat can be used along with green onions.

There are 4 different types of soba in Okinawa, including the most popular Okinawa soba, Miyako soba, Yaeyama/Ishigaki soba, and Daito soba. The most significant difference is their noodles.

Doraemon (どらえもん)

Located near Kokusaidori, Doraemon serves simple yet authentic Okinawa soba called Miyako soba. Their soup is light with a hint of dashi (soup stock), and their pork is juicy. Just a 5-minute walk from monorail Kenchomae station. You can enjoy their soba from only ¥500~650.
The Okinawa soba dish comes with thick slices of pork, thick noodles and chives and also a side of rice. It's quite a good deal for that price!

Shuri Horikawa (首里 ほりかわ)

Located in the residential area down Shurijo Castle, this place is famous for their elegant Okinawa soba and the cafe-like atmosphere of the restaurant which is rather rare in Okinawa. The noodles that they are using is homemade and they cook them right after you place your order so it might take a while to be ready, but it is definitely worth the wait! Around a 10 minute walk from Yui-rail Shuri station, or a 2-minute walk from Shurijo Castle.
This Okinawa soba is made with freshly cooked noodles, pork and chives. It also comes with a side of rice with veggies and tempura.

Shuri Soba (首里そば)

This place is also a very popular restaurant with many people lining up to try the Okinawan soba. Just a 4-minute walk from Shurijo Castle, this place offers delicious soba at a very reasonable price (¥600 for L size!). You should also try their Jushi, steamed rice with mixed veggies.
This Okinawan dish comes with flat noodles, slices of pork and chives. Their Jushi is said to be very good.

Yanbaru Soba (山原そば)

Around a 15-minute drive from the Churaumi Aquarium, this place is very famous for their soba. Their traditional exterior and their unique soba are what makes people want to visit. There are many people lining up, especially during the busy lunchtime, and they will close as soon as their soba dishes sell out. Their soba is around ¥800~900.
This Okinawan soba is topped with spare ribs and chives and is said to be deliciously addictive.

Tiander (てぃあんだー)

Around a 20-minute walk from Omoromachi station, where the Duty-Free store is located, their 3-slice-pork is what they are famous for. Their soup and their noodles are also incredible, and for the noodles, you can choose the thickness. If you are looking for a very simple yet delicious soba with a deep taste, this is it! They also close as soon as they sell out their soba, so be sure to get there early! You can eat their soba for ¥650.
This Okinawan soba serves the soup with the pork on the side.

In conclusion...

There are countless numbers of soba restaurants in Okinawa, so if you are wondering where to go, check the places above! However, if you're craving for "soba" as in buckwheat noodles in Okinawa, here's where to check out!

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